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You can try 1 slash / and the n umber 2 1/2

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Q: How do you type in a fraction in computer?
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In Microsoft Excel when you type in a fraction the computer automatically turns it into a date How Do you stop it from doing this?

Treat the fraction as a formula e.g. type '=1/5' Then to get it to display as a fraction, right click, format cells, fraction. Fiddly but you can then use fractions like this referenced in other formulas.

What type of fraction is 9?

It is not any type of fraction: it is an integer!

How do you type fraction?

you type a fraction like this 1/2 this is a half

What is one over seven as a fraction converted into a decimal?

______ 0.142857 Every computer nowadays has a calculator that does it for you. just type '1' '/' '7' then press '='

What type of fraction is12?

It is an integer - not a fraction.

How to make fraction on computer?


What is the smallest type of computer?

the smallest type of computer is the palmtop computer

What type of fraction has at least one fraction in its numerator or denominator or both?

It is a compound fraction.

What type of fraction is 8 8th's?

It is an integer (= 1), not a fraction.

What type of fraction is larger than 1?

an improper fraction

What type of fraction is 5 over 8?

a proper fraction

What does a fraction sign look like on a computer?

Typically, the / sign is used to denote a fraction. For example, ½ or ⅜.