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= is the equals sign

+ is the plus sign

* is the multiplication sign

/ is the divide sign

- is the minus sign

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Q: How do you type math symbols on a computer?
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How do you type exponent math symbols?

Use the superscript font.

How can you type math question here?

You type 6+6 :D Well learn your math symbols and ALT codes the help with it Google it :D

How do you get math symbols for the computer?

you joust press shift and the symbol of what you want example a percent symbol %

Where did Dr John Math invent math symbols?

Dr John Math is not a real person. A lot of math symbols come from the greek.

What are symbols for in math?

A number by itself is meaningless. Symbols and labels add meaning in math. Symbols in math are used to represent different operations, and/or add descriptions. There are many different symbols each which have their own purpose. Some symbols have different purposes in different types of math.

Why do people use Greek symbols in math?

They use Greek symbols in math since Greek mathematicians invented math.

How do you make pictures with symbols on the computer?

U just type symbols till they look like something or look them up

Who invented math symbols?

Dr John Math

How yo type symbols on computer?

Most common device to type symbols is a keyboard. You can also use a mouse and a special software application, called a screen keyboard.

What is an expression that describes a problem using words as labels and using math symbols to relate the words?

Math symbols

In what ways are the egyptians math and math today similar and different?

egyptians use symbols as we use numbers.they still are using symbols for math at this very day!

Why is your computer keyboard locked so that you can?

keybord wont type numbers only symbols>

Did Dr John Math invent the math symbols?

dr.john math was hitlers boyfriend

What are the traditional math symbols for electricity?


A language of symbols?

in math....algebra

What is number notation?

Number notation is a type of writing system that is used in math. The notations can be numbers or symbols and they have a semantic meaning.

How do you get the math symbols times and divide on the computer keyboard?

The simple buttons are usually to the right of the keyboard. They look like /, *, -, and +. For more complex buttons I have no idea how to get to them. But if you go to the calculator that is on the computer, you can click view, then scientific mode. This will bring up a scientific calculator with other symbols.

What do the numbers in the square with the symbols represent?


What is a symbolic form in math?

when you have form in symbols

How many math symbols are there?

there are 41 maths symbols LOOK ON AN ADVANCED CALCULATOR

How do you type arrow symbols on keyboard?

With a Mac computer, you go to finder, and in the menu bar, you select edit-activate active board. This gives you a variety of different symbols. :)

How are math and computer science related?

Computer science requires a lot of math.

What's a type of math formula?

A formula is a mathematical relationship or rule expressed in symbols. One of the most famous is E = mc squared

How do you type music symbols?

On your computer go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools >Character Map.

How do you spell math simbels?

The correct spelling of the term is mathsymbols.(see the related question.)

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