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50 cents a dime a nickel and a penny

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Q: How do you use 4 coins to make 66 cents?
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How many different coin combinations could a person have if he has exactly 66 cents?

I think there are 88 different combinations of coins that can make up 66 cents.

How do you get 66 cents with 7 coins?

5 dimes and 6 nicles

What 5 coins equal 66 cents?

The 5 coins are: 2 quarters, one dime, one nickel, and one penny.

Can you list the ways to make 66 cents?

two quarters, a dime, a nickel, and a penny.

What is the Value of 1966 liberty quarter with no letter?

No U.S. coins dated 1966 have a mint mark. The '66 quarter is worth 25 cents.

What are the different ways to make 66 cents There are 90-100?

== == == == == == == == There ya go! == ==

If pencils are bought at 35 cents per dozen and sold at 3 pencils for 10 cents the total profit on 66 pencils is?

35 cents/12 = 2.927 cents each bought at selling at ( 10/3) 3.333 cents 3.333 cents - 2.927 cents = 0.406 cents profit per pencil 0.406 cents * 66 pencils = 26.796 cents ( call it 27 cents profit on a sale of 66 pencils )

Can you use a forever stamp on mail to Hong Kong?

As long as you add another 66 cents in postage.

What do you do 66 times?

if you have 66 dollars or cents put it down if you don't take 66 steps

What is 180 divided by 66 cents?


How do you spell 66 cents?

sixty-six cents

What does three tenthgs plus 1 fourth 25 cents 30cents 55 cents 66 cents?

55 cents

How many coin combonations can you get to get 66 cents?


Can you use US forever stamps on first class letter to UK?

Yes but you have to add 66 cents additional postage.

How much could your 1919 penny be worth?

The most it could be valued at is $85.00 for a brown coin, but that's in the very high grade of MS-66. Circulated coins are valued at 3 to 10 cents.

What is value of butterfly stamp?

66 cents

How much did ground beef cost in 1995?

66 cents

How much is 32 Indian rupees in American dollars?

32 Indian rupees equals U. S. $.66 (66 cents)

Cost per gram for selenium?

.66(cents) for 1 gram

How much money is 6 pennies and 6 dimes?

66 cents

How do you make 66 out of 6 6s?

66-66+66= 66

If gas anti-freeze is 3 cans for 99 cents and a customer wanted only two how much would you charge him?

66 cents

If a 10-pound sack of potatoes costs 6.55 how much would 1 pound cost?

65.5 cents, but you would be charged 66 cents.

Heather is buying a tshirt for 8 Sales tax is 8 and one fourth cents per dollar How much will Heather pay in sales tax on her purchase?

66 cents.

How much does 1 lemon cost?

Last I saw they were 3 for 1.99 or 66 cents apece ... expensive yes?

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Can you list the ways to make 66 cents?

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