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take any number and multilpy by 100

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Q: How do you use a calculator to find percentages?
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How do you put percentages in a TI-84 calculator?

you can't

What are the multiples of 15 up to 1000?

15*1 to 15*66. Use your calculator to find them.15*1 to 15*66. Use your calculator to find them.15*1 to 15*66. Use your calculator to find them.15*1 to 15*66. Use your calculator to find them.

How to work out percentages without a calculator?

If you want to find what percentage of Y is X, then you get that by using the formula (X/Y)x100

Where could one find a menu nutrition calculator?

FIrst thing, type in calorie calculator and enter her information to find the number of daily calories she needs to be taking in. Than, type in macronutrient calculator to find her macronutrient percentages, and the specific number of each macronutrient she needs.

How do you find out percentages on a calculator?

if you have a fraction, like in a grade say you got 72/85 you would divide 72 by 85 and get 84%.

Where can I find Clockwork's calculator on Roblox?

use googe and type clockworks calculator

What is a graph that use percentages?

Any graph can use percentages.

Where can i find an accurate site for viewing body fat percentages?

An online body fat calculator is provided at many websites. I recommend as they are free of charge.

How do you find if a number is divisible by 7?

Get out calculator and divide the number by seven. If you can use a computer, use the calculator on your computer.

How can you find a factor that is not on the multiplication chart?

Use a calculator.

What is the answer to 543x65?

The answer is 35,295. PS: You can use a calculator to find out the answer.

How do you find the square root of 6724?

Use a calculator.

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