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Q: How do you use a symbol to name an angle three different ways?
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What is the name of the box on the right angle?

I think it is just called the right angle symbol

What is the symbol used at the beginning of an angle's name?

You would go <A

What is the name for a three sided shape?

Triangle - Tri means Three and Angle is an angle

Why is it useful to have more than one name for an angle?

Because of the angle was different. Name three kinds of angles there. Among them: right-angled (90 degress), obtuse angle (more than 90 degress), and acute angle (less than 90 degress).

How many ways to name an angle?

There are three ways to name an angle, provided there are only three points on the angle. Say the vertex is point A, and there are two rays extending. Each has another point on it, points B and C. You can name this angle BAC, CAB, or A.

what is the name that have three-sided polygon?

The name of the angle which has three sided polygon called Triangle.

What is the name of this polygon three sides one right angle?

right angle triangle

Is xenons symbol different from its English name?

No, the symbol is made from the first two letters of the element's name.

What is the name of a symbol and add three letters from aster?


What is the name of the math symbol for an angle it looks similar to the greater than symbol but flat on the bottom?

See the related link for a listing of all geometry symbols and their explanations.From your description ABC is 45° The angle formed by ABC is 45 degrees.

When using three letters to name an angle the middle letter represents the?


What is the name for a polygon with three sides and one right angle?

A right triangle.