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You could use it as: What body of water is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Adjacent also means borders.

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Q: How do you use adjacent in a sentence?
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Use adjacent in a sentence?

i was adjacent near my bedType your answer here...

Use the word adjacent in a sentence?

Our school is adjacent to the Community Center.

How do you use the word adjacent in a sentence as an adjective?

The adjacent trees protected the house from the wind.

How do use the word coral reef in a sentence?

You cannot use the "word" coral reef in a sentence, but you can use the "words" coral and reef adjacent to each other in a sentence.

A sentence with Adjacent in it?

He parked in an adjacent space.

Adjacent in a sentence?

the car was adjacent to the other car.

What is a sentence with adjacent?

Her house is adjacent to her best friend.

A sentence for adjacent?

The one side is adjacent to the other side.

Adjacent angles in a sentence?

Adjacent angles define the shape and perception of the design.

Can you please use the word scullery in a sentence?

The food was prepared in the kitchen and the washing-up was done in the adjacent scullery.

How can you use the word coiled in a sentence?

The snake was coiled and ready to strike. The rope was coiled on the deck, adjacent to the forward hatch.

How do you use the word trifling in a sentence?

She should not have trifled in the man's business.