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if you start first in a game of naughts and crosses go in the middle because if you follow these simple instructions you can not loose.

go in the middle

if the other player goes in the middle of one of the colums then go in one of the corners on the oposit side of board

then if the other player isn't stuipid he will block you diagonaly

now what you want to do is go in the other corner on the same side as the board and then you can win diagonaly or in a colum/row depending on wich one he blocks.

now you need to now how to win if they go in one of the corners after you go in the middle

to do this you just do the instructions above however instead of you making

your second move in a corner you need to put it in the middle of the colum/row.

thankyou and enjoy

(if i figure out a way to win while still going second then i will post it straight away)

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Q: How do you win naughts and crosses?
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How do you say naughts and crosses in French?

The game naughts and crosses is called 'le morpion' in French.

Is there going to be a naughts and crosses film?

I doubt it.

What are facts about roman entertainment?

the Romans invented naughts and crosses

When was naughts and crosses invented?

I think you mean Tic-Tac-Toe.

Why did Malorie Blackman write Noughts and Crosses?

Malorie Blackman wrote naughts and crosses to show that discrimination and prejudice are wrong.

What is the codes for the Sarah Jane adventures?

i only know 2 the hourglass shape, the naughts and crosses grid, O, the filled in chipped circle shape, and the triangle the other one is O, triangle, X, naughts and crosses grid, and the funny = sign

How did people amuse themselves in the Anderson shelters?

people played games such as eye spy and naughts and crosses

How did people amuse themselves in Anderson shelters?

people played games such as eye spy and naughts and crosses

Is naughts and crosses a game?

Yes, in some other parts of the world it is called Tic-Tac-Toe

What country invented naughts and crosses?

Noughts and Crosses is the British name for the game known in some other countries as Tic-Tac-Toe or X's and O's.

What is Noughts and Crosses famous for?

Naughts and crosses is a famous simple pen and paper game between two people who take turns putting a naught or cross in a simple 3x3 grid. It is very simple to play.

What games could pilgrims play?

There are not many records that speak about the games Pilgrims played. The children may have played games like naughts and crosses, all hid, and hop frog.