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the wires coming off double pole will give you 240 volts,110 each the black and white hook to these,doesn`t matter which way,ground to ground

Ground is always ground, Black and white are your two "hots." You will need a dedicated circuit, you cannot run this off existing 120V wiring. A 15A 240V circuit should be more than sufficient. If this is a permanent instalation you can use 14/2 wire as you normally would, and wire it as you normally would with the exception of the 240V breaker. If you install switches, timers, etc. Make sure they are all rated for 240V. Remember, you can't just mix-and-match between 120 and 240V. 240 appliances will not run on 120 and 120 appliances will burn up on 240.

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Q: How do you wire a 1500W 240V flood light that has ground white and black wires?
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