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Connect black to black, red to red, and white to green.

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Q: How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green red to 240V 3 wire service black white red?
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How do you wire a water heater 240V black red green to 4 wire service black red white green?

Just cap off the white neutral wire. It is not used in 240v. Just hook up the black,red, and green

How do you wire a cook top 240V 3 wire black green white to 240V 4 wire service?

Black would be hot, white would be hot, and green would be common. Four wire is usually two hots, a common and a chasis ground. Just make sure you don't connect one of the service hot wires to the green wire. So, if you are wiring this to service with black, red, white, and green (bare) wires, you connect black to black, and green to green. The white wire of the cooktop connects to the red wire. The white wire of the feed should be capped with a wire nut.

How do you change a 4-wire 240V plug for a dryer to a 3-wire 240V plug for a welder and which wires do you use?

The existing 4 wires meaning Red, Black, White, Bare? Red and black are "hot" (using 120V from each phase of your service entrance), white is neutral, and bare is ground. Ground the bare or green wire to the electrical box then use red and black as your hot wires and white as neutral. You must ground the welder itself also with a jumper wire in order to be safe.

Is the white wire power in a house?

White is neutral. Black (and red, if you're looking at a 240v circuit) are hot.

If you have a 240V hookup with a red black and white wire can you drive a copper rod into the ground and hook up the green wire to that?

You could, but if you're going to do that then why not ground the entire service entrance panel? ...and you need to drive (if I remember correctly)...about 7 feet into the ground to be effective.

How do you hook the 4 wires which are 2 whites 1 red and 1 black coming from the back of a generator to an outlet for 120v and 240v?

The whites are Neutrals or Grounds and the Red and Black are each 120v. One white and either the black or red for 120v and one white, both the red and black for 240v.

Does the 230-240 volt circuit consist of 3 wires 2 black and 1 white?

This is not a cut and dry answer as it depends on the application. 240v only needs two wires to operate with a green (ground) for safety. Single phase (residential) 240 wires are generally black and red (or a red tracer), but the National Electric Code does not stipulate the colors (as long as they are not green or white). Three phase colors are generally black, red, and blue and also require a green ground (as does EVERY electrical application). The white wire is a grounded conductor. It is only used in 110v applications. For 240v home appliances such as ranges or dryers, 110v is required for the controls so the cable would contain a green (or bare) ground, a white (for the 110v, and a black and red for the 240v. Things like water heaters that don't require control voltage don't need the white wire. Pinky

Replacing 240v light socket what color is negative wire?

its black and white or if its relay the color changes

Can you opperate 277v ptac air conditioners on 240v service?


How do you hook up a four wire cord to a 240V appliance?

The cord should have a green,white,red,and black wires in it. Green is ground, white is neutral, and red and black are "hot". On the plug the green terminal is for the green wire, the silver terminal is for the white wire, and the brass terminals are for the red and black wires. Simple job for a pro and will cost little. If you have to ask and depend on the answers from people like me, saving money is more important than your Family and Home..Good Luck...pkazsr

What are the colors for circuits in a 120 volt panel?

Your service entrance cable could be Black, Red, White and bare cable. In a 240 V panel there would be 240V between Black and Red and 120 V between Black and White and Red and White. In the branch circuits the colors are Black, White and Bare wire. Black is Hot, White is Neutral and bare wire is earth ground and should be terminated on the ground bus in the main panel.

How can you install a 240V receptacle from the bare wires for an electric range?

Bare wires!?!?!?! For 240V you need 3 wires plus ground. Red and Black are hot, white is neutral. Don't mess with 240V if you have no idea what you're doing. It's not safe at all.

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