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If the tri-light needs a new lamp holder try any reputable lighting house store. These types of retailers have all of the parts that you need to repair any lamp configurations. The new switch will have a rotary switch built into it just like the lamp had when it was new. There are only two wires to connect to it. Don't disconnect the old one until you have the new one and just put the wires on the same terminals as the they are wires on the old switch.

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Q: How do you wire a tri-light bulb table lamp with 3 wire rotary switch?
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To replace the bulb for the heater control on a Skoda, use a pair of plastic or rubber jawed pliers and detach the rotary knob from the rotary switch for the fresh air blower. Next, use a bulb extractor to remove the bulb. You can also use a pair of needle nose pliers if you don't have an extractor. Put the new bulb in place and reattach the rotary knob.

Can a lamp with a 3-way rotary switch for one 100-watt medium base bulb use an LED bulb?

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Is it safe to use a 3 way light bulb in a table lamp?

If the lamp is rated for the maximum bulb wattage, usually 150 watts, and there is a switch and base that accommodate the bulb you should be okay.

How can you make a light bulb go on and off using a switch?

Open switch bulb go off, close switch bulb go on.

What happens to the bulb when the switch is closed?

If the switch is in the same series circuit as the bulb and the filament of the bulb is not broken then the bulb should light.

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Its there to break the live connection between the power source and the light bulb without having to use a wall sited switch each time

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How to change bulb behind switch of fan Toyota Avenses

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It is a safety concern. With the switch before the bulb, the bulb is completely isolated from the potential source when the switch is turned off. With the switch behind the bulb, even if the switch is turned off, the potential source is still at the bulb. If any of these lamp holder parts touch the ground when removing the bulb the circuit will short out and trip the breaker. If you are grounded and touch any of the lamp holder parts you will get a nasty shock.

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