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you would need to know the wattage of each lamp. multiply the lamp wattage x 5 = total watts divide the total wattage / 230 volts (or the voltage you will connect to)= amps example: 250 watts x 5= 1250 watts 1250 watts / 230 volts = 5.43 amps

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Q: How do you wire the lights to a 240V panel if you have 5 MH light fixtures that are rated for 110v208v230v277v of which have 2 wires coming from them and what size breaker is needed for all?
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What are fixtures?

Fixtures are anything that is in a permanent position. Fixtures is a word used to describe faucets, sinks, toilets, permanent lights, etc.

What if lights do not work but outlets work?

You probably blew the breaker for the lights. While usually the lights and outlets in a room are on the same breaker, it isn't always done that way. And you may have blown the light bulbs in the lights.

What is the color of the wire from the head lights to circut breaker?

how do i find a short in my head lights ,tail lights work but not my head lights

Are all recessed lights pot lights?

No, the fluorescent fixtures that are installed in dropped ceilings are also know as recessed lighting.

Can six recessed lights of 50 watts be on a 15 amp breaker?

Should be fine if that is all that is on the breaker.

How many outlets and lights on a 60 amp breaker?

It would be quite unusual to have a single 60 amp circuit with outlets and lights. You would have to use very heavy wire to each light and outlet. Typical lighting circuits would be protected by 15 amp breaker and a circuit with general purpose receptacles would have a 20 amp breaker. A typical lighting circuit might have 10 to 12 fixtures and receptacle circuit might have 8 outlets. If you don't know how to size a circuit get an electrician.

How many pot lights can be installed on 20 amp breaker?

You want to size for 80% or rated current. In this case 16 amps. At 110 volts nominal this is a total of 1760 watts for incandescent bulbs. So if you had 100 watt bulbs you could have 17 100 watt fixtures. Of other wattage fixtures just divide into 1760 watts.

Want Antique Bathroom Vanity Lights?

A reputable website that specializes in antique fixtures is They offer restored and ready to use antique light fixtures.

Is fluorescent lights fixtures ac or dc?

The basic fluorescent light fixture is AC, although there are fluorescent lights powered by DC.

Why would the breaker kick off when adding a run of lights with a switch at the end of the lights?

I really need more detailed information to answer your question. How many lights were added and what wattage bulbs are being used? For a 15-amp breaker, the maximum wattage it would handle would be around 1650 watts. This would be about 16 100-watt bulbs. Does your breaker trip immediately when you turn the light switch on? If you have an ohmmeter you can check the tripped breaker. Put one lead on the black "hot" wire coming from the breaker. Remember, the breaker must be off. Then put the other lead on the ground bar. If the ohm reading is very low, close to 2 ohms, then you have a direct short to ground somewhere in your wiring.

Have power to switch but no lights Breaker is not blown?

Bad switch. Open wiring between switch and lights.

1997 Lincoln town car lights flicker you replaced light switch lights still still go out must be a relay or circuit breaker where is the circuit breaker located?

Bad ground.

How many lighting fixtures on 20a breaker?

A 20 amp circuit at 120 volts will handle 2,400 watts. But you should never load a circuit over 80%. 20A@120 volts = 2400 watts x 80% = 25 lights of 75 watts each. If each fixture has 2 lights then only install 12.

Where are fluorescent light fixtures used?

Fluorescent light fixtures are generally used in the kitchen, probably due to the efficiency of energy use of the flourescent lights, but they can be mounted practically everywhere.

Are there wireless light fixtures?

There are many varieties of wireless light fixtures requiring battery operation, of which some are remote control operated. Many of these lights use LED bulbs.

How much do you know about the led highbay lights?

How much a person knows about LED High Bay lights will depend upon the person. The LED HIgh Bay lights come in different varities such as canopy lights, fixtures, and car lights.

Do you put gfi outlets and bathroom lights on the same breaker?


How do you reset the breaker for the dome lights on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500?

The circuit breaker is self resetting. you may have a short in the wiring.

How do you turn on the lights in the breaker room in luigis mansion?

Go up to the switch and press the "A" button. That should turn on the lights.

Parking lights will not turn off is it a relay or circuit breaker?

It is a relay or switch problem. A circuit breaker or fuse won't keep a light on.

What is switch's Max Connections Limit?

about 5 lights to a circuit breaker in the circuit

Do Ceiling lights in bedrooms have to be on a arc fault protected circuit breaker?

No, bedroom lights fixtures do not have to be on arc fault breakers. In fact it is better if they are not. The neutral should return straight back to the distribution panel, for the arc fault circuit that the neutral is in. In some jurisdictions an electrical code amendment requires that the cable fed from arc fault breakers be identified with a blue outer sheath.

Can you use a breaker panel to turn lights on and off instead of a lstandard ight switch?

Yes. But by constantly throwing the breaker handle back and forth will eventually loosen the mechanical parts inside the breaker to the point where the breaker will fail. There are breakers made for the purpose of switching, usually used in big warehouses to shut off banks of lights. The price of one breaker is probably equal to the price of about 10 standard light switches.

If you have 3-4 can lights 1 ceiling fan and 3 outlets what size breaker?

A 15 amp breaker protecting # 14 wire.