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There are lots of ways to wire 3-ways. Since I can't see your setup I'll just give you the basics. Each switch has a common . Between the switches, you have to have the traveler wires. You can use your 14-2 for this. On the common screws, you have either a feed, or a switch leg . Now how you get those there is up to you. Your light has to have a neutral and should be from the same feed source not from another circuit. Another option is to install an "RF" based 3 way switching system when travelers are not available. All you need to do then is hook up the "master" switch like a normal single pole switch and the install the "accessory" switch at another location and just supply power to that switch and you have yourself an easy installed 3 way switch.

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Q: How do you wire two 3-way switches before the light with only 14-2 if you are unable to pull another hot wire?
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