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First find the mid-point of the line segment which will be the point of intersection of the perpendicular bisector. Then find the slope or gradient of the line segment whose negative reciprocal will be the perpendicular bisector's slope or gradient. Then use y -y1 = m(x -x1) to find the equation of the perpendicular bisector.

Mid-point: (7p+p)/2 and (3q+q)/2 = (4p, 2q)

Slope or gradient: 3q-q/7p-p = 2q/6p = q/3p

Slope of perpendicular bisector: -3p/q

Equation: y -2q = -3p/q(x -4p)

y = -3px/q+12p2/q+2q

Multiply all terms by q to eliminate the fractions:

qy = -3px+12p2+2q2

Which can be expressed in the form of: 3px+qy-12p2-2q2 = 0

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Q: How do you work out and find the perpendicular bisector equation meeting the straight line segment of p q and 7p 3q?
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What is the perpendicular bisector equation meeting the line segment of -4 8 and 0 -2?

2x -5y +19 = 0

What is the perpendicular bisector equation meeting the line segment of 3 5 and 7 7?

Line segment: (3, 5) and (7, 7) Midpoint: (3+7)/2, (5+7)/2 = (5, 6) Slope or gradient: (7-5)/(7-3) = 1/2 Perpendicular slope = -2 Equation: y -6 = -2(x-5) => y = -2x+10+6 => y = -2x+16 So the perpendicular bisector equation is y = -2x+16

What is in its general form the perpendicular bisector equation meeting the line segment of s 2s and 3s 8s at its midpoint?

Points: (s, 2s) and (3s, 8s) Slope: 3 Perpendicular slope: -1/3 Midpoint: (2s, 5s) Equation in its general form: x+3y-17 = 0

What is a behavior of the angle bisector in relationship to each other?

An angle comprises to rays meeting at a vertex. An angle bisector is a straight line through the vertex which bisects the angle.

How do you draw a perpendicular bisector?

Drawing perpendicular bisector for a line:Place the sharp end of a pair of compasses at one end of the line, and open it to just over half of the line. Draw an arc which must intersect the line in the position described. Then put the sharp end at the other of the line and, keeping the compassing at the same length, draw another arc which intersects the first one twice and also the line. Then draw a straight line through the two places where the arcs intersect. This line is the perpendicular bisector. Drawing perpendicular bisector of angle:Places the sharp end of the compass at the point of the angle and, after having opened it arbitraily wide, draw an arc which intersects the two lines meeting to form the angle each once in the said position. Then remove the compass and, always keeping it opened at the SAME length, place the sharp end at each of the two places where the previous arc cuts each of the two lines meeting to form the angle. In this position with the described length, draw a small arc at each of the said places, which should cross each other. Draw a straight line from the point of the angle to this crossing. This should be the bisector of the angle.

How are perpendicular lines similar to intersecting lines?

Intersecting lines meeting at right angles are perpendicular lines.Intersecting lines meeting at right angles are perpendicular lines.

Is a roof perpendicular or parallel?

Perpendicular is straight up and down, having a sharp pitch or slope. It is a style of English Gothic Architecture. So the term would refer to the 'walls' rather than the roof. Parallel in Geometry are straight lines in the same plane, but never meeting. Building may be parallel to each other. Neither word applies

What number is less than 10 and has perpendicular line?

It is 4 that has perpendicular lines meeting at right angles

In which parallelogram are the diagonals perpendicular?

It is a rhombus whose diagonals are perpendicular and meeting each other at right angles.

How many pairs of perpendicular sides does a right triangle have?

Perpendicular means meeting at a right angle. A right triangle has 2 sides that are perpendicular, so it has 1 pair of sides that are perpendicular They are known as the "legs" of the right triangle.

What are the minimum and maximum requirements when drawing a triangle?

Minimum and maximum requirements: three straight lines meeting pairwise. Minimum and maximum requirements: three straight lines meeting pairwise. Minimum and maximum requirements: three straight lines meeting pairwise. Minimum and maximum requirements: three straight lines meeting pairwise.

Line BC has an equation of a line y 2x plus 3 and line EF has an equation of a line y negative one over 2x plus 4. These two equations represent (5 points)?

If you mean y = 2x+3 and y = -1/2x+4 then the two lines are perpendicular to each other meeting at right angles.

What kind of line is x?

It is not a line. X is two lines meeting in a perpendicular angle(right angle)(90 degrees).

What shape is made by two straight lines meeting at a point?


What is an angle of incidence?

An angle of incidence is the angle that a straight line, ray of light, etc, meeting a surface, makes with a nromal to the surface at the point of meeting.

What is perpindicular?

A line is perpendicular to another if it meets or crosses it at right angles (90°). Perpendicular means "at right angles". A line meeting another at a right angle, or 90° is said to be perpendicular to it. In the figure above, the line AB is perpendicular to the line DF. If they met at some other angle we would say that AB meets DF 'obliquely'. Move the point A around and create both situations. Move the mouse carefully to get AB exactly perpendicular to DF....

What do quadrilateral have?

Four straight lines in a plane, meeting in pairs at four vertices.

What is a straight line which a plane curve tends towards only meeting at infinity?

An asymptote

What type of lines does a octagon have?

Eight straight lines, meeting in pairs at eight vertices.

What is the triangle made of?

Three straight lines meeting, pairwise, at three points (vertices).

What makes a triangle?

Three straight lines meeting pair-wise at three vertices.

What does perpendicular mean?

Perpendicular refers to lines that intersect at right angles (90 degrees). It is the opposite of parallel and is also at right angles to the horizontal and vertical shapes.The correct spelling is perpendicular. Perpendicular means something is at an angle of 90 degrees to a given plane, surface or line. It can be a straight line at a 90 degree angle.1. vertical; straight up and down; upright. 2. Geometry. meeting a given line or surface at right angles. 3. maintaining a standing or upright position; standing up. 4. having a sharp pitch or slope; steep. 5. (initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to the last style of English Gothic architecture, prevailing from the late 14th through the early 16th century and characterized by the use of predominantly vertical tracery, an overall linear, shallow effect, and fine intricate stonework.Perpendicular means that two lines cross and form a right angle. It is a special type of line crossing because if two straight lines cross and form a right angle, all four angles are right means a right angle.For instance, if you make an L with your fingers they are perpendicular.You see every corner of the computer screen? Those are perpendicular.

What are two perpendicular lines or axes used for graphing ordered pairs of numbers?

The horizontal line is the x axis and the vertical line is the y axis with both axes being perpendicular to each other and meeting at the point of origin at (0, 0) on the Cartesian plane.

What is the difference between normal and perpendicular?

in 2 and 3 dimensions they turn out to be pretty much the same, but what would perpendicular mean in 4 or 6 dimensions? For example a line perpendicular to another intersects it and creates a 90 degree angle, it is also normal and a line can be normal to a plane also. Normal is a more general term that can be used in higher dimensions and other setting where perpendicular might make no sense. For example, if you know what a dot product is that two vectors are normal if their dot product is zero, These may be n dimensional vectors and perpendicular would make no sense. In many more abstract settings normal works but perpendicular would have no meaning at all. There are more technical explanations but I hope to make this answer more intuitive! There is a very slight difference between NORMAL and PERPENDICULAR. Well NORMAL is that perpendicular which is drawn at the contact point between two meeting lines. Its simple as this. For example in case of tangents (which is drawn to find the direction of a point in a curve) the perpendicular draw at the meeting point of the tangent and the curve is called normal. Its like, every normal is a perpendicular but all perpendiculars are not normal. I hope this clears all your doubt.

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