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It will help a lot if you know how to write "four tenths" in numbers.

Four tenths = 0.4

7.3 minus 0.4 = 6.9

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Q: How do you work out four tenths less than 7.3?
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What is 13.14 rounded to the nearest tenth?

13.1. To work it out, look at the value in the hundredths section (in this case, it is four). If this is less than five, you round up the the tenths. If it five or more, you round up.

How do you work out four tenths more than 7.3?

7.3/10 = 0.73 0.73*4 = 2.92 2.92+7.3 = 10.22

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less..if you do work it comes out as this...0.54 out of 100 or 54/100, 4/5=80/100

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Is 0.006 is greater or less than 0.1?

To compare numbers start with the highest place value column and work your way right to the lower valued place value columns until there is a difference. 0.006 and 0.1 both have zero in the ones column, so move to the tenths column 0.006 has 0 in the tenths column, 0.1 has 1; 0 < 1 → 0.006 < 0.1 0.006 is less than 0.1

How does the output work compare to the input work for a machine that has an efficiency to less than 100 percent?

Then the output work is less than the input work. That description applies to every machine that has ever been built or will ever be built.

How do you show your work for two fifths plus three tenths?

Multiply two fifths by two to get a common denominator. Then you will have 4 tenths plus three tenths. then add straight across and you will get seven tenths.

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