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you put zero in for x and then the answer you get would be the y and then the x,y would be your intercept

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Q: How do you work out intercept on a graph?
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What is the y-intercept in this graph?

This question cannot be answered because there is no graph to tell where the y-intercept is.

What is intercepting graphs and tables?

Intercept for a graph are points at which the graph crosses either axis. There is no such thing as an intercept for tables.

How do you find the coordinates of y-intercept and x-intercept on a graph?

You can either measure or estimate the coordinates visually from the graph, or solve the equation underlying the graph.

What is the x intercept on a graph?

It is found on the horizontal x axis number line on a graph whereas the y intercept is found on the vertical number line on a graph.

What is the y-intercept of the graph of 4x 2y 12?

The y-intercept of the graph of 4x + 2y =12 is probably 6

What happens to a line when the y-intercept is changed?

as the y-intercept increases, the graph of the line shifts up. as the y-intercept decreases, the graph of the line shifts down.

What statement is true about a graph of an inversely proportional relationship there is no x intercept and no y intercept there is only a x intercept there is only a y intercept or there is both x an?

The graph doesn't intersect either axis.

How do you find x and y intercepts?

if you are looking at a graph the y intercept is when the graph crosses the y axis and the x intercept is when the graph crosses the x axis. if you have a formula... plug zero in for x to find the y intercept, and plug zero in for y to find the x intercept

Why does the slope and y intercept need to work together to graph a line?

The slope is how steep the line is and the y-intercept is where the line hits the y-axis. The two need to work together to graph a line because without one of those variables, you would not be able to properly plot a line.

How do you find the salient feature in a graph?

Depending on the graph, for a quadratic function the salient features are: X- intercept, Y-intercept and the turning point.

State the y-intercept for the graph y equals -4x?

y = -4x The y-intercept is zero. That is, the graph passes through the origin.

What does the y intercept have to do with the graph?

The y-intercept on the graph shows where the graph crosses the y-axis. The value is always the value of y at that point, because x is always equal to zero.