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yes, I do

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Q: How do you work out scatter graphs?
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Are trends best observed in scatter plots line graphs or circle graphs?

scatter plot and line graph

What is the name of graphs?

line graph scatter graph

What types of graphs do scientist use?

Scatter plots, line graphs, pies and bar charts.

What graph is used for illustrating frequencies?

Most graphs: Pie charts, bar graphs, histograms, scatter graphs can all be used.

What do Line graphs in geography used for?

they are used for recording information line graphs are just like scatter graphs but you join the lines together

What are four ways that you can graphically present data?

You can use pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs and scatter point graphs to present data.

What graphs are used in finding trends in data?

Scatter graphs are best. Line graphs are OK if the trend is linear but not much good if the trend is non-linear.

Is the scatter plot better then the line graphs?

No, scatter plot gives a rough picture of the data. Line graph gives information on tabulated data

What is the purpose of a scatter plot?

Scatter plot graphs are used in mathematics. They are used to show types of relationships or correlations that are between two sets of data.

Which of the following types of graphs is best for seeing a cumulative pattern in the data Histogram Ogive Scatter plot Stem-and-leaf?

Scatter Plot.

How is a scatter chart used in Microsoft Excel?

frst make a table. then highlight it. click insert at the top of the page. there will be a selection of graphs. choose scatter plot.

A graph that relates two groups of data?

There can be many, line graphs bar graphs scatter plots, many more, you can look on Google if that doesn't answer anything

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