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If you mean: 35x = 27 then the value of x is 27/35 because 35 times 27/35 = 27

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Q: How do you work out the problem 35x 27?
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How do you work out 35x equals 27 in algebra?

The x stands for a number. You just have to figure out what times 35 equals 27. If you use your calculator, you can see that 27 divided by 35 equals 0.77 so that would be what X is.

simplify the expression x5โ€ขx7?


What is 35x - 15x?

35x + 15x = 50x

What is 35x plus 115 equals 360?

35x + 115 = 360 35x = 360-115 35x = 245 x = 245/35 x = 7

WHAT IS X 42 plus 35X equals 85-35X?

42x+35x-35x=42x it's leave 85 so it's change into a negative 42x-85 is the answer

What is the factorization of x3 plus 2x2 35x?

x3 + 2x2 - 35x = x(x + 7)(x - 5)

What is the solution for 35x escape?

Buy it

What is the product of 35 and x?

It is 35x.

How do you complete 35x escape?

I don't

How do you factor 25x plus 35x plus 9?

25x + 35x + 9 is 60x + 9, which factors to 3(20x + 3)

What is the LCM of 65x and 35x?

The LCM is 455x.

What is the solution to this equation 35x 88?


How do you factor 35x 26x-16?

I'm guessing that's 35x^2 + 26x - 16 which factors to (5x - 2)(7x + 8)

What is the value of X 2X plus 33x-54?

2x + 33x - 54 35x - 54 We can not find x with the information given. You need to equate somethingto your equation. If your equation equals 0 then... 0=35x-54 35x=54 x=1.543 IF your equation equals x then... x=35x-54 -34x=-54 x=1.588

What is the factorization of x3 plus 2x2-35x?

x3 + 2x2 - 35x = x(x2 + 2x - 35) = x(x + 7)(x - 5)

What is the factorization of the trinomial x3 - 12x2 35x?

x3 - 12x2 + 35x = x(x2 - 12x + 35) = x(x - 5)(x - 7)

What battery does a TI-35x use?

two LR44s

What are the repeated words in Genesis?

Generations Mentioned 35x

What is 35x equal to in mm?

That depends what x represents.

What does 35x 64?

35 multiplied by 64 is 2,240.

What is 35x 272?

35 multiplied by 272 is 9,520.

How do you factor 35x 63y?

7(5x + 9y)

What is the factorization of the polynomial below x3-12x2 plus 35x?

x3 - 12x2 + 35x = x (x2 - 12x + 35) = x (x - 7) (x - 5)

What multiplication problem equals 729?

It is: 27*27 = 729

What is the greatest common factor of 15x4 and 35x 2?