How do you work out weight?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Weight = mass x gravity

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Q: How do you work out weight?
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What to eat after weight work out?

I think juicy cheeseburger is best after weight work out.

What is the amount of work done by a weight lifter in holding a weight of 100kg on his shoulder for 40 seconds?

While just holding the weight on his shoulder, the weight lifter does no work! For work to be done, the mass must be moved through a distance … No Movement, No Work! (but don't tell that to a weight lifter …)

How does undereating affect your weight?

Because you loose tomuch weight and your heart wont work as it is ment to work

What muscles do weight benches work?

Weight benches work all types of muscles. The muscles that weight benches work are the thighs, biceps, triceps, stomach, legs, chest, back and the glutes.

Do you have to work out to lose weight?


When you work out do you gain weight because you build muscle?

When you do your work out , you do not gain weight , your body uses it to build muscles.

What does Weight x distance equal?

weight x distance = work

Do weight trimmer belts work?

Weight trimmer belts do not work as directed and offer little benefit to the user. They are designed to stimulate the muscles and contribute to weight loss.

If you work out too much will you stop losing weight?

Yes you will stop losing weight because you have lost too much and then will start GAINING weight if you work out too much.

How does the shake weight work?

It doesn't.

Does bronkaid work for losing weight?


What is the work done by a person who carries 50N weight on his head and walk 8 m?

The total work done on the weight is zero.