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Q: How do you work the math question for how much will an employee will earn per hour if a job is for 35 hours per week and an employee can earn 542.50 per week?
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How do you work the math question for how much will an employee earn when working 35 hours a week if the job pays 7.00 an hour?

Multiply the wage per hour (7.00) by the number of hours worked (35 hours).

What is the answer for the earn 75.20 in 8 hours?

The answer depends on what precisely the question is.

How much money does a McDonald's employee earn a month?

Depends on the states minimum wage and their hours. Its not going to be a lot.

An employee earns 195 for 15 hours work. Assuming he is paid by the hour how much money will this employee earn in 8 hours?

$195/15 hrs x 8 hrs = $104 for 8 hrs work.

What is a normal salary for an employee on a crusie ship?

Depending on the job of the crew, his working hours or his contract duration, the cruise line standards and his performance on board, an employee can earn from as low as $600 a month to a good $5000.

How much does a goodwill employee earn?

minimum wage

How much do you earn if you are a casual employee at Kmart?


How much does a call center employee earn?

You earn an hourly wage of around $9 plus commissions.

How much does a Jack In The Box employee earn?

Minimum wage.

What should you do to be a good employee?

Get there on time, do your job and earn your pay......

An employee worked 40 hours at his regular rate of 5.00 per hour He also worked 5 hours of overtime at a rate equal to one and a half times his regular rate How much did he earn this week?


How much money does an Anchor Blue employee earn?

They would earn just above minimum wage, starting out.

How much does a 19 year old KFC employee earn?


How much money does a Bi-lo employee earn?


How much money does a shop rite employee earn?

$7.25 or $7.50

How much money does a McDonald's employee earn in a year?

Minimum wage

How much money does a McDonald's employee earn in UK?

£2 if they are lucky

How much does a castles n coaster employee earn?

Minimum wage.

How much money does an airbus employee earn?

22$-25$ an hour

Average number of hours to earn a private pilots license?

- Average amount of flight hours to take the check ride (flight test) with an FAA employee is 60-70 hours. - The minimum is 45 with different types of scenarios (daylight, nighttime, solo, cross country)

How many hours do you have to work part time to collect unemployment in Michigan?

The question isn't how many hours you worked, but rather how much did you earn in one quarter of the first 4 of the last 5 complete calendar quarters. You had to earn at least $2871 in that quarter.

How much does an employee at Chick-Fil-A in pace earn?

how much do an employee at chick fil a get paid per week

How much self employed nurse earn in Canada?

t would depend on the hours of work and on experience. Your question is to general to answer specifically.

How much money does an Angola Burger King employee earn?

A burger costs $30 US, on that basis they earn roughly £60,000

How much does a Kinkos employee earn?

In Oregon they make about $9.03 starting salary.

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