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-0.45 as a fraction in its simplest form is -9/20

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Q: How do you write -0.45 as a fraction in simplest form.?
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What is .045 as a fraction in simplest form?

9/20 it is the simplest form. 45/100 = (5X9)/(5X20) =9/20

Write nine million forty five thousand in standar form?

9 045 000 in standard form is 9.045*106

What is .045 as a fraction?


What is decimal 045 into a fraction?


What is .045 to a fraction?

45/1000 or 9/200

What is 045 as a fraction?

45/100 or 4.5/10

What is 045 into a fraction?

0.045 = 45/1000 or 9/200 in fraction

What is the expanded form and word form for 1.045?


Write 4.5 as a percent?

.045, or 4.5%, or 4.5 percent

What is the expanded form of 1 045 605?


How do you write 45 millions and 45 thousands?


What fraction of an inch is .045?

The answer depends on the units used for 0.045: inches? feet? miles?

How many cc's in a 045 stihl?

045 av is 75cc and the 045 av Super is 87cc.

What is the exponential form of 045?

If that is supposed to be .045, the answer is: 4.5 x 10-2 If it is supposed to be 0.45, the answer is 4.5 x 10-1

How do you write nine billion seven hundred million forty five thousand three hundred six?

9 700 045 306

What is the spark plug gap for a 1991 suburban with a 350 motor?

.045 inch.045 inch

What is 4.5 percent written as a decimal?

that's an easy one. its .045. if you divide 4.5 by 100 then that will give you the decimal form of it.

What is the proper spark plug gap for a Chevy 400 small block bored out to a 406?

.035 or you can go .045 depends on the engine setup but .045 is a safe gap.

What is the proper spark plug gap on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird?

6 cylinder=.045 8 cylinder=.045

Can you put a 36 bar on a stihl 045 AV chainsaw?

A STIHL 045 av is 75cc and the max recommended bar size for it is 32". However... If you have a 045 av Super then it would be 87cc and the max recommended bar length would be 36". So it depends if you have a SUPER or not. It is easy to tell as it will say SUPER on the top tag right below 045 av.

What is the correct spark plug set up for a 1993 Berreta GT?

V6 - 3.1L .045" L4 - 2.2L .045"

Is 060 of an inch bigger than 045?

Yes, 060 is greater than 045

What is 4.5 of 38?

.045 x 38 = 1.71

Is 0.02 greater than .045?


What is .045 of a foot?

5.4 inches