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Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 0.08 is equal to 2/25 or two twenty-fifths.

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Q: How do you write 0.08 as a proper fraction?
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How do you write 0.008 as a fraction in simplest form?


What is .008 as a fraction?

.008 as a fraction is: 8/1000 = 2/250 = 1/125

Write a proper fraction with a denominator that is common to 7and 8?

write a proper fraction with a denominatorthe is common to 7/8

What fraction is .008?


How do you write 5551as a proper fraction?

5551 is an integer, not a fraction.

What is point 008 expressed as a reduced fraction?

.008 = 8/1000 = 1/125

What is 008 written as a fraction?


What is 008 percent as a fraction?


How do you convert .008 to a fraction?


How do you write 7 25 as an improper fraction?

7/25 is a proper fraction and there is no sensible way to write it as an improper fraction.

What are 2 ways to represent a fraction?

You could write a fraction as a proper, improper or mixed fraction.

Write 738 as a proper fraction?

Cannot be done.

What is oo8 as a fraction?

008 is the same as 8 and as an improper fraction it is 8/1

How do you write 8 milliamps in decimal?


How would you write 3.50 as a fraction?

3 1/2 for a proper fraction or 7/2 for improper

How do you write 183 over 40 as a proper fraction?

183/40 is greater than 1 and so it cannot be written as a proper fraction. As a mixed fraction, it is 4 23/40.

How do you write eight-thousandths?

8/1000 or .008

How do you write .008 in word form?

eight thousandths

How do you write three-tenths?

Expressed as a proper fraction, this is equal to 3/10.

How would you write 60 in a fraction?

60 is an integer and not a proper rational fraction. However, it can be expressed as a fraction in the form 60/1, or its equivalents.

Why is it impossible to get a proper fraction into a mixed number?

It is impossible to write a proper fraction as a mixed number because proper fractions are less than 1, and mixed numbers are greater than 1.

Will the reciprocal of proper fraction be a proper fraction?


How do you write 2 over 1 as a proper fraction?

2 over 1 cannot be written as a proper fraction since its absolute value is greater than 1.

How do you write 30 percent as a fraction?

Expressed as a proper fraction, 30 percent is equal to 3/10, or three tenths.

How do you write 50 as a proper fraction?

You cannot because 50 is an integer with an absolute value which is greater than 1. It is not a fraction.