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I would write it as twelve point six.

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โˆ™ 2016-03-27 17:54:54
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Q: How do you write 12.6 using words?
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How do you write a prime factorization of 126 using exponents?

2 x 32 x 7 = 126

How do you write 126 in words?

One hundred and twenty-six

How do you write 216 using an exponent and a base of 6?

the answer is 6 cubed

How do you write 126 in spanish?

126 -- they use the same number system as we do

How do you write 126 in exponential form?

126 = 2*3*3*7

How do you write 126 percent in simplest form'?

126% (1.26) = 63/50

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Write sentences using digraphs.

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You can not!

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Yes. You can write a sentence using any words that make sense.

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Are you using a flashlight to find your keys?

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What is the LCM of the numbers 126 and 45 using prime factorization?

126 o:-)

How do you write an inspirational song?

get inspired and then write about it using rhyming words and a good beat

How can you use a factor tree to write the prime factors of 126?

126 63,2 21,3,2 7,3,3,2

How do you write a long sentence?

by using a bunch or a lot of words

How to write 43000000000 using words?

Forty three billion.

How do you write this number using words?

one and four twelfths

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How do you write 1.4 using words?

One and four tenths.

Write 6.08 using words?

Six and eight hundredths.

21 x 6?

126.... without using a calculator !

How do you write 126 percent as a fraction?

126/100 or 63/50 in fraction126%= 1.26 in decimal= 126/100 or 63/50 in fraction