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Q: How do you write 1lac fifty thousand in mathmatic?
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What is cusic?

1lac three thousand litre per hour

How many expenditurevie on IVF?

depend on prosesing & centre, anyway approx 1lac in indian rupees.

How much does a comedy circus performer earn?

daily earnings vary from 10000 to 1lac per day depending upon popularity

How come there was no tsunami from haiti quake?

Why are you thinking of the worst to happen. More than 1Lac people are dead from this devastating earthquake. Please help whatever you can and pray for them.

How much does a general manager at McDonald's earn in India?

they earn according to the volume of the stores, depends what performance u givin to ur company , normally starting from Rs25 to 35thousand /month, and goes upto 1lac ...... well a restaurant general manager salary(restaurant manager)in mcdonalds India is between Rs 35000 to Rs 45000 as per the experience also he is paid for the incentive depending on the outlets results Annual package would between 4 to 5 lakhs 8 hrs is there working time

What is the professional tax slab in Kerala State?

With effect from Nov.2010 the Professional Tax slab is as under:- 12000 to 17999 - 120 18000 to 29999 - 180 30000 to 44999 - 300 45000 to 59999 - 450 60000 to 74999 - 600 75000 to 99999 - 750 1 Lac to 124999 - 1000 1.25 Lac and above - 1250 The slab is for a period of 06 Months. Eg: If gross salary is 20,000/- per month then PT will be deducted Rs.1000/- in six months [either in proportionate or in lumpsum]. (20,000X6=120000 which is coming under the slab 1Lac to 1,24,999/-)

What should be your annual income in INR then you come in category of upper middle class in India?

In India if your family incom is above 65000/- (4 member) & above , you have your own house,no heavy debts you are in upper middle class If your family income is above 35000/- & lower than 60 then it is middle class anything less than this is lower middle class Again it also depends where you live & how you live ? This is for city having population more than 5 lac-15 lac if you are in city witha a population above 15 lac it's different . If income of a 4 member family is 1lac & above with own house then it is UMC, if it is in between 50-75 it is middle class