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20000 is a numerical number.

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The number 20,000 can be represented by the Roman numeral (XX)

33% of a number is equal to 0.33x that number.

A numerical expression is an expression that uses number. For example, if a teacher told you to write four plus six subract two , you would simply write it in number form. 4+6-2.

The number 20000 is 20,000 or twenty thousand.

It is: 3,950,000As a number it is: 3,950,000 = 3.95 million

0.85% of 20000 = 20000*0.85/100 = 20000*0.0085 = 170

20000 using the exponent of 4 = 11.89214fourth root of 20000 = 11.8921

A number that describes numerical data is a Statistic.

ANSWER: Passwo9) The way I figure it, the "lowercase number" is the same as the "numerical" character. The "uppercase number" is the 'shift" any number. So here we have 8 characters and one each of the number types you specified.

A zillion is not a real number: it is a word used to mean a very very large number. There is, therefore no numerical form.

There is no such word as numberic and the meaning of a numberic number is even more obscure. In numerical terms, the number is 30000.

This is how you write that number: $7,500.00. If you write the number 75, and then add two 0's to denote that the number 75 is in the hundreds, you won't have any trouble turning written numbers into numerical ones!

In order to write seven and two tenths, a person should simply use the period between the two numbers as the "and." To write the number in numerical form, the number would appear as 7.2.

200, as a percent = 20000%

20,000 = twenty thousand.

You write it as 10, exactly as in the question.

how do I write five thousand **************************************** 5,000

20000 = the number of words a woman says / day 6000 = the number of words a man says / day 20000 = the number of words a woman says / day 6000 = the number of words a man says / day

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