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17/8 in.

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Q: How do you write 2 and an 8th inch in fraction form?
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What is 12.5 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

12.5% = 1/8th

How do you write 3 to the 8th power in WORD FORM?

How do u write a sentence with the word eighth

What is an 8th of a inch in millimeters?

(1/8th inch) x (25.4 millimeters per inch) = 3.175millimeters (rounded)

How do you write 4.7x10 to the negative 8th power in standard form?

The Answer is 0.00000000047

What type of fraction is 8 8th's?

It is an integer (= 1), not a fraction.

Where is 1/8th of an inch on a rulerThanks?


What type of thread form has a fishing rod rest got?

On bankstick etc its 3/8th of a inch BSF thread.

What is a 4nth of an inch plus a 8nth of a inch?

A 4th of an inch plus an 8th of an inch is 3/8 of an inch. This is the diameter of a "AA" battery.

Does 25th inch 1 8th of an inch?

No, 1/8 is much larger.

1 8th as a fraction as a decimal?

0.125 I have fraction pecies from school with the decimal and percent on them. :):):):)

What does the fraction of 5 8th's equal?


How many 64hs are in an 8th of an inch?

8 of them.

What is an equivalent fraction to 3 8th?

0.375 is an equivalent fraction.

How many mm is eighth of an inch?

1/8th inch is 3.175 mm

Is 1 8th bigger than 1half fraction?


How long are black widows fangs?

the females are3/8th inch

How many 1000's are in a 8th inch?


What is the volume of a cube if each edge measures one half inch?

1/8th of a cubic inch

How many mm is one eighth of an inch?

1/8th inch is 3.175 mm

Is .875 the same as seven eighths of an inch?

yes 7/8th of an inch = 0.875"

What fraction is greater than 3 8th?


Should you write 8th grade or eighth grade?

Write eighth.

How do you write 8th in words?


What is 1 and 3 and 8th in improper fraction?

1 3/8 = 11/8 in improper fraction

I wrote a fraction equivalent to 0.875 in fraction i used 64 as denominator.what is the numerator of fraction?

0.875 is = 1/8th. So if you used 64th's that would be 8/64ths.