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As a decimal: 345.0

As an improper fraction: 345/1

In scientific notation: 3.45*10^2

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You can write 345 in words as three hundred forty-five. You can write 345 in scientific notation as 3.45 x 10^2. You can write 345 in expanded form as (3*100) + (4*10) + (5*1).

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Q: How do you write 345 in three different ways?
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How do write 345 in word form?


How do you write .345 in word form?

three hundred forty-five thousandths

How do you write 0.345 in word form?

.345 is three hundred forty five thousandths.

How do you write 345 as a percentage?

345 = 34500%

How do you write 345 in decimals?

345 or 345.0

How do you write a 3 digit decimal in word form?

345: three hundred forty five.

How many different ways 345 can be written as a product of 3 factors?


How do you write in words 345 in 24 hour time?

Three forty five in the afternoon (am or pm is not "in words").

How do you write four less than three times a number is three more than two times the number what is the number?


How do you write 345 as a decimal?

345 written as a decimal is 345. There is no change.

How do you write 345 as a fraction?

It is simply: 345/1 as an improper fraction

What is 345 simplified?

345 is a whole number already so just write that.

What are three numbers divisible by 345?

They are: 345, 690 and 1035

How do you write 345 using words in proper English?

Three hundred forty five. (Note that there is no "u" in "forty.")

How do you write 345 percent as a decimal?

345% = 3.45 as a decimal. And there is really no simplest form for decimals.

How do you write .345 as fraction?


How do you write the number in words 9212345?

9, 212 , 345 nine million, two hundred twelve thousand, three hundred forty five.

What is 345 divided by 15?


How do you write 3 times 3 with an exponent?

You write 32, where that two is the number of times you are multiplying 3 by itself (3 x 3 x 3 = 33) and it is to the upper right of the number. You say 32 as "three squared," 33 as "three cubed," and everything higher as you would if the power were a place in a race, so 345 is "three to the forty-fifth power."

How many different numbers can be formed with the digits 345?

Assuming you mean permutations of three digits, then the set of numbers that can be made with these digits is: 345 354 435 453 534 543 There are six possible permutations of three numbers.

How do you write the place value for 8 million 345 thousand 752?


How many kilograms are in 345 grams?

345 g = 0.345 kg345 g = 0.345 kg345 g = 0.345 kg345 g = 0.345 kg345 g = 0.345 kg345 g = 0.345 kgRemember K H D | d c m (kilo, hecto, deka, (liter, meter, gram), deci, centi, milli). These are the denominations you need to list when converting metric units. Kilograms are three places to the left of grams. So you have to move the decimal place three times to the left (same as dividing by 1000). You will get 345 g = .345 kg.

How do you spell 345?

It is spelled "three hundred forty five".

What is 345 in standard form?

345 = 3.45 × 10²

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