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You can write 4.56 as the fraction 4.56 over 1 (4.56/1), because dividing a decimal number by 1 will not affect it. However, you still need to do two more things: get rid of the decimal, and simplify the fraction.

Every time you multiply 4.56 by 10, the decimal place moves one unit to the right. If you multiply it by 100, the decimal place moves two units to the right. And if you multiply both parts of the fraction 4.56/1 by 100, the decimal will disappear:

(4.56 X 100)/(1 X 100)

= 456/100

Now we simplify the fraction 456/100. We know that both 456 and 100 are divisible by 4, so we divide both parts by 4:


= 114/25

We now have the final fraction, 114/25.

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Q: How do you write 4.56 in a fraction?
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