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49 over 100, in decimal form is 0.49; the rest of the question does not make sense.

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Q: How do you write 49 over 100 in decimal formthe total money amountand as a fraction?
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Why is money written in decimal form?

Money is written in decimal for easier computation. Imagine if money is in fraction form, it will be hard for us to compute.

Can it be more practical to write a number in a decimal form?

In many cases, yes, one of the best examples being money. In decimal, everyone sees easily how much money this is: $1.25 The same unit of money in fraction is $1 1/4, which is pretty clumsy.

How do you make money into a fraction?

You put the whole number of dollars to the left of the decimal and the cents to the tenths and hundredths. EXAMPLE: $15.83 = 15.83

What advantages does a decimal money system have?

What advantages does a decimal money system have/?

what is Natalie saved $45 to spend on a new outfit. She bought a sweater for $15 how you would make the amount she spent into a fraction, decimal, and percent.?

45 divided by 15 is 3. Three 15s make 45 so she spend 1/3 (fraction), 0.33 (decimal), 33% (percent), of her money

What does the decimal point mean in money?

the decimal point in money is to separate the dollars from the cents.

What is Bulgarian money called?

Its called Lev and its plural is Leva. The monetary system of Bulgaria is in decimal units.Its fraction is Stotinka. 100 stotinka equals to 1 Lev.

What year did britain go decimal?

1971 for decimal money here in England

Why are decimal points important when adding money?

decimal points are very important when it comes to money ... You want to know if you have to pay $ 89.95 or $899.50 ...

When do you use a decimal?

when there is money or many more

Where are decimal numbers used everyday?


When dealing with percentages can a decimal be involved?

percentage is a fraction of 1 with a denominator of 100, eg 45 % is 45 / 100 or 0.45 in decimal you can interchange the values of percentages, decimals and fractions, each is just a more convinient way of saying the same thing, percentages tend to be in the money world, straight decimals are for arithmetic and generally fractions are pre decimal

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