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If you subtract 5 from 2, you get negative 3 (-3).

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Q: How do you write 5 less than a number is 2?
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How do you write two less than five times a number?


How do you write 200 less than half of a number?

x/2 - 200

How can i write two less than a number x in variable expression?


How do you write seven less than one-half of a number?

n/2 - 7

How do you write four less than a number is two thirds of that number?

As an algebraic equation, the statement four less than a number is two thirds of that number, looks like this: x - 4 = (2/3)x.

Can you write .2 as a mixed number?

No, because it's absolute value is less than 1.

Write an expression same as7 less than the square of a number.?

x^2 - 7

How do you write 0.5 as a whole number?

Impossible because 0.5 is less than a whole number but as a fraction it is 1/2

How do you write three times the quantity five less than a number equals 11 more than twice a number?

3*(n - 5) = 2*n + 11

What is 2 less than a number m divided by 8?

2 less than a number m divided by 8 = 0.25

How to findout and write a rational number between 2 and 3?

A rational number is any number which can be expressed as the ratio of two integers (including the integers themselves in this definition). So any number which is more than 2 and less than 3, and which can also be expressed finitely, is a rational number. 2¼, 2½, 2¾ 2 plus any fraction (less than one) will fit your bill.

How do you write 7 less than 2 times a number?

Easy i love math: 2n-7

Can the GCF of 2 numbers be less than the first number?

The GCF of 2 numbers can be less than either number.

What number is 2 less than 6?

2 less than 6 is 4.

Write a rule to the sequence 10 8 6 4?

Each subsequent number in this sequence is 2 less than the previous. It is extremely likely that the next number in this sequence is 2.

What is the largest composite number less than 5?

4 is a composite number (2 x 2), and it is less than 5.

What number or decimal is greater than 1and 5 tenths but less than 2?

A number that is greater than 1.5 and less than 2 would be 1.75

What point on the number line is greater than 0 but less than 2?

point on the number line is greater than 0 but less than 2 = 1

What is the largest number you can write that is less than 1 using 4 7 5 2 only once?

Negative 2457

What are the composite number less than 100?

Any number less than 100 which has more than 2 factors is a composite number

Write five less than 2 times a number is 11?

the number is 8 2 times 8 = 16 16 minus 5 = 11

Is -4 less than -2?


What prime number or number less than 100 are even?

There are 49 even numbers less than 100, but only the number 2 is an even prime number less than 100.

Is the product of a fraction less than one and a whole number less than or greater than the whole number?

It depends: If the whole number is positive then the result is less than the whole number, eg ½ × 2 = 1 < 2 If the whole number is negative then the result is greater than the whole number, eg ½ × -2 = -1 > -2

You are thinking of a 2-digit odd number less than a 100 it is a prime number that is 6 more than a square number and 13 less than another square number what are you?

87 is the only 2-digit number that is 6 greater and 13 less than a square, but it is not prime.