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Q: How do you write 6 in the tenths place 4 in the ones place 5 in the hundredths place and 9 in the tens place?
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How do you write a decimal with eight in ones place one in the tenths place and nine in the hundredths place?

If I understand your question correctly - the answer you're looking for is 8.19

Is there a ones place in a decimal?

No there is not a ones place in a decimal. It's tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, etc.

How do you write 0.87 in words?

It is eighty seven hundredths.

How do you write 2 tens 6 units 4 tenths and 2 hundredths?

Write each of these numbers in digits 2 tens , 6 ones , 7 tenths & 8 hundredths

What is the ones tenths hundredths place of 7.39?

7, 3 and 9 respectively.

How do you convert 98 percent into a decimal?

The ones in the percent would be in the hundredths place. The bold number is the ones place. 98%. Before the hundredths place are the tenths place and the ones. The decimal is 0.98 or .98.

What does 200 hundredths equal in tenths and ones?

20 tenths; 2 ones.

What is 0.314 rounded to the nearest unit?

0.314 can be rounded in hundredths, tenths and ones. In hundredths, it is 0.31, in tenths, it is 0.3 and in ones, it is 0

What number has 5 in the hundredths place 2 in the ones place 9 in the tenths place 9 in the thousandths place?


What is the correct way to write number two ones 4 tenths and 6 hundredths?


What are the place values of 0.07?

No ones or units, no tenths but seven hundredths = 7/100

Does the decimal point separate the tenths from the hundredths?

No. It separates the ones place from the tenths place.Examples5.89 The decimal is between the 5 in the ones place and the 8 in the tenths place.43.26 The decimal is between the 3 in the ones place and the 2 in the tenths place.147.902 The decimal is between the 7 in the ones place and the 9 in the tenths place.

What is a number with 8 in iths thousandths place 5 in its ones place 0 in its hundredths place and 4 in its tenths?


Which digit is in the tenths place 3.24?

3.24 ^^^ | | | | | The hundredths place | The tenths place The ones place The 2 is in the tenths place

What is the place value of the7in 6.75?

Tenths place; 6: Units (ones) place .7: Tenths place 5: hundredths place

How many ones and tenths and hundredths is 9.15?

9 ones + 1 tenth + 5 hundredths

How do you write 3 ones 4 tenths and 2 hundredths as a decimal?


What if a number has a 4 in the tens place a 1 in the tenths place a zero in the hundredths place and a 9 in the ones place so what is the number?


How do you write two hundred forty-one and five tenths?

You can write two hundred forty-one and five tenths as: 241.5.Remember that place value is always: Thousands, Hundreds, Tens, Ones [decimal] Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths.

How many tenths and ones equals 800 hundredths?

80 tenths 1 ones

What is the nearest tenth of 8.21?

8.2 8 is the ones column, 2 is the tenths, and 1 is the hundredths. If the hundredths are 5 or higher then rounding to the tenths you add one to the tenths place and drop the hundredths. Since 1 is less than 5 the nearest tenth is 8.2

Write 0.505 in word form?

0.505 = zero ones and five tenths and zero hundredths and five thousandths

How do you write 5 thousandths 5 hundredths 9 ones 6 ten-thousandths 7 tenths?

It is 9.7556

How do you write 4 millions 8 thousands A tens 6 ones 9 tenths and 5 hundredths in it?

It is 4,008,0A6.95

How do you write thirty two tens fifteen ones two tenths five hundredths in standard form?


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