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7.92 = (7 x 1) . (9/10) + (2/100)

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Q: How do you write 7.92 in advanced math expanded form?
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How do you write 427013 in expanded form?

427,013 in expanded form math ELEMENTARY

What is the definition for expanded form in math?

Expanded Form is a way to write numbers by adding the value of its digits. Example: 1,000 + 900 + 50 + 4 = 1,954.

What is expanded form in math?

Stretch it out.

What is a way to write 29.5306 days in expanded form?

u suck eggs if u do math well then u SUCK!

100 203in expanded form?

The number 100,203 in expanded form is 100,000,000. This is taught in math.

3.576 in expanded form?

The number 3.576 in expanded form is 14. 670,200,640. This is used in math.

How do you write 92.3 in expanded form?

90+2+3/10 (three over ten) on page SA5 in the back of the math textbook

What are the categories of ways to right your answer in math?

expanded form simplest form and SOMETHING FORM

Who are you as a math learner?

Anyone can learn math, at least to some degree. If you are learning an advanced form of math, then you are an intelligent person.

What is 0.008 written in expanded form?

the answer is stop cheating on math figure it out people

What does standard form mean for math the write answear to it?

In Britain, standard form is another name for scientific notation. Example: 5326.6 = 5.3266 x 103 In other countries, standard form means "not in expanded form," which means just writing the number normally. I write and swear that that is the right answer.

What is 3.45 as a Decimal in expanded form?

The decimal number 3.45 in expanded form is (3 x 1) + (4/10) + (5/100). This is taught in math.