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8.398 times 10-6 in standard notation = 0.000008398

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Q: How do you write 8.398 time 10-6 in standard notation?
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How do you write SI notation in time?

It is a second.

How do you round numbers that are in standard notation?

Standard notation is just a term that means what everyone does all the time. For example... Scientific notation: 3.0x-10^3 (also 3.0e-3) Standard notation: 0.003 Rounding is likewise no different than what you would do with any presentation... round to the appropriate digit. For example, if we rounded to the third digit.... Scientific: 3.7x-10^3 => 4.0x-10^3 Standard notation: 0.0037 => 0.004

How do you write 240000 in Scientific Notation?

in standard form? 2.4*10^5 stick the decimal point between the 2 and the four: the first two digits, then how many places would you have to move the decimal to get back to the original number? this is equal the a multiple of ten each time, so we say, in this case, you would have to move the decimal 5 places to the right, so its *10^5 where ^ indicates that its a raised to the power sign, and * indicates we multiply. For example x squared is x^2 in this notation, and the only reason I'm having to use it, is because there is no way for my keyboard to write common maths easily. Using ^ and * in this answer is not part of the standard form notation, and you would just write it out normally: 2.4 times 10 to the power of 5. This notation is called standard index form.

Write fifty-five hundredths in standard form?

5.5 × 10-1This is not a number you would normally write in standard form. As it is very short. Usually numbers are written in standard form to save time.

Why is noble gas notation used to write electron configurations?

Because it is shorter and easier to write. Also saves time when compared to writing the complete electron configuration.

Why is scientific notation useful to scientists?

Scientific notation helps scientists because if they use numbers with 50, 100, or even 500 digits, they don't have to write all the digits, which could take 5 minutes. Instead, they just write scientific notation, which saves a lot of time and space that could be needed later.

How do you write hours 24 per day?

If you are asking how to write time in the 24 hour standard or military time it is very easy. If you want to write the time as eight in the morning it would be 0800 or if you want to write one in the afternoon it would be 1300.

All about information about scientific notation in chemistry?

Most of the time, chemists deal with extremely large or extremely small numbers. They use scientific notation to conveniently write these numbers in decimal form.

How do you write numbers in standard notation?

A standard number is a "regular number" such as 5978 or 154278963152.Standard Form: 123Expanded Form: 100 + 20 + 3Written Form: one hundred twenty-threeTips:Furthermore, if you have a hard time remembering this, think of it as this way:The standard form is normal. Standard means the original number.The expanded form means the largest way. Expand means to make something big.The written form is writing the number down in words. Written reminds me of language arts. So convert the "math number" into a "language art number".

Why is it sometimes necessary to apply scientific notation?

The only time it would be 'necessary' would be because someone asked you to. But the practicality of scientific notation is that it is sometimes a quicker way to write numbers. E.g. It is easier to write 10 000 000 as 1.0 x 107.

What are the advantages of writing numbers express in scientific notation?

Would you rather write down..., 234,000,000,000,000,000,000 or, 2.34 X 1020 Would you like to do this division in standard notation? 234,000,000,000,000,000,000/145,000,000,000 Or this? 2.34 X 1020/1.45 X 1011 Where you just divide the upper number by the lower and subtract the lower exponent from the upper exponent. That is the advantage of scientific notation and in science you run into very large and very small numbers all the time.

Why do you use scientific notation in astronomy?

It makes it practical to write the numbers involved on a reasonable sized sheet of paper in a reasonable time.