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Q: How do you write 99 hundredths in decimal form?
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Related questions

How do you write 99 cents in decimal form?

$0.99 * * * * * I disagree. The above answer is 99 hundredths of a dollar. That happens to be 99 cents but what if the question were in terms of Euro-cents? The decimal form is simply a way of representing a number - irrespective of how it might look in other units UNLESS the question specifies that the decimal form should be in the context of the other unit (dollar, Euro or whatever). Therefore, the correct answer is that 99 cents, in decimal form is simply 99 cents.

What is the decimal for ninety-nine hundredths?


What is ninety-nine hundredths as a decimal?

99/100 as a decimal is 0.99

How do you write 99 percent as a decimal?

99% as a decimal is 0.99

What is ninety-nine and three hundredths as decimal?

It is: 99 and 3/100 = 99.03 as a decimal

How do you write 99 hundredths?

99/100 0.99

What is the decimal form for 99 percent?


What is 0.80 repeating as a fraction?

0.8080... repeating is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction.In rational form, it is 80/99.

Write 99 percent as a fraction and a decimal number.?

99%99% = 99/10099/100 = 0.9999/100 is the fraction.0.99 is the decimal.

Write 99 percent as a fraction and a decimal number?

Fraction: 99/100 Decimal: 0.99

How do you write 99 over 100 as a decimal?

It is 0.99 as a decimal.

What is the simplest form for ninety-nine hundredths?

99/100 is in its simplest form.

How do you write nine and thirty six hundredths?

9.36 or 99/25

What is 99 one hundredths simplified?

0.99 99/100 is the simplest form.

What is the decimal form of 22 99?

decimal form of 22/99 = 0.22222...22/99:= 22 ÷ 99= 0.22222... in decimal

What is 99 hundredths in standard form?


How do you write 99 as a decimal?

It is simply: 99.0

What is 85 over 99 in simplest form?

85/99 is the simplest form as a fraction. In decimal form it is 0.858685/99 is the simplest form.

What is the decimal form 77 over 99?

decimal form 77 over 99 = 0.77777...77/99:= 77 ÷ 99= 0.7778 in decimal

How do you write numbers in word form?

21 thru 99 are hyphenated but not the TENS numbers. Do not use AND unless you are indicating a decimal. Otherwise write out the words as you would pronounce the number.

How do you Write a decimal that is 110 of 0.9?

It is 99 or 99.0

What is 344 over 99 in decimal form?


What is 99 over 344 in decimal form?


What is 99 over 160 in decimal form?


What is 2.8 repeating in decimal form?

2.82828... = 280/99