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9/10 as a decimal is 0.9

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Q: How do you write 9 10th's as a decimal?
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What is 9 and 5 10ths as a decimal?


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How do you write 2 10ths in a decimal?

It is 0.2It is 0.2It is 0.2It is 0.2

How would you write nine hundred one thousandths?

.9 or 9/10ths.

How do you write eighteen and nine tenths?

18 and 9/10ths or 18.9

What is the decimal for 30 10ths?


What as a decimal is 9 plus 3 tenths plus 17 hundredths?

9 as a decimal can be written 9.03/10ths as a decimal can be written 0.317/100ths as a decimal can be writen 0.17If you add 9.0 to 0.3 and then add 0.17 the result is 9.47

What is a deciamls?

I THINK you mean the word decimal. It is a way of writing fractions that are in 10ths. For example, 1/10th would be 0.1 and 2/10ths would be 0.2 By adding another digit to the right of the decimal point, you can write hundredths, another digit thousandths, etc.

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What is 8 10ths as a decimal?

Sm S0.8