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You use long division of A by B.

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Q: How do you write A to B as a decimal?
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How to Write a C function which accepts two integer parameters a and b and returns the larger of the two?

This smells like homework, so I'll only give you pseudo-code: decimal returnLargest(decimal a, decimal b) is a > b ? then, return a, else, return b;

Divide 870 by 24 and write the quotient a as a mixed number and b as a decimal number?

a. 435/11 and b. 39.54545455

When you write a terminating decimal as a fraction what type of denominator do you get?

You get a denominator of the form (2^a)*(5^b) where a and b are non-negative integers.

How do you write a this as decimal 9265?

how do you write a this as decimal 9265

What is the bigger decimal?

Suppose you have two decimal numbers, A and B. If A - B > 0 then A is the bigger decimal, if A - B < 0 then B is the bigger decimal and if A - B = 0, neither is bigger.

What does write the decimal in standard form mean?

It requires that the decimal is converted to the form a*10^b where 1 < a ≤ 10 and b is an integer. The standard form is also known as the scientific form.

How do you divide to find a decimal or mixed decimal then write the decimal?

you divide the numerator by the denominator on you will get a decimal and you write it 00.00 that is a decimal

How do you write the value of a decimal?

You first write the integer part, then write the decimal point and then the fractional part in decimal form.

How do you write 0.1527 as a decimal?

That is a decimal.

0.5 write as a decimal?

This is a decimal

How do you write -2412 in decimal?

It is in decimal

How do you write the equivalent decimal to 2.14?

How do you write the equivalent decimal to 0.4

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