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is there different ways to write amy? is there different ways to write amy?

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Q: How do you write Amy in Latin?
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Is the name Amy Latin or French?


What does Amy mean in Latin?


How do you write It is what it is in Latin typography?

How do you write It is what it is in Latin typography?

How do you write Amy in Hebrew?

Amy = איימי

How do you say Amy in pig latin?

Amy. Names are the same in any language, but if you still want an answer, it'd be: Myay.

What songs did Amy lee write?

Amy has written most of the bands songs

How do you write romes language?

Since Rome's language was Latin, you would have to write in Latin.

How do you write the number five in latin?

In the Latin language, to write 5 you put 'V'

How do you write Donum Dei in Latin?

You write Donum Dei. It's already Latin.

What does the name Amy mean in greek?

This is a latin word ,,,,means,'BELOVED'

How do you write 'denarius' in latin?

You write denario.

What are the latin words for to write?

To write = scribere.

What hand did Amy winehouse write with?

Her right.

How do you write the name keagan in latin?

Keagan is already written in Latin letters, but if you want to write it phonetically in Latin, it would be something like Kigan or Cigan.

How do you write in Italian or Latin?

You use the Western alphabet and write in Italian for present day Rome. For ancient Rome, you use the western alphabet and write in Latin.

How do you write loved in latin?


How do you write shruti in latin?

Shruti in latin letters is "Shruti"

How do you write the name Adriana in latin?

Adriana is the same in Latin

What does geo and graph stand for in Latin?

Graph is to write in Latin

How do you write psychology in Latin?

The Latin word for psychology is "psychologia".

Why did Virgil write the Aeneid in Latin?

Latin was his first language.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Amy?

There technically is no biblical meaning for the name. The name Amy comes from the Old French name which was derived from the Latin 'amatus', meaning dearly beloved, or beloved.

Did evanescence write like you for her sister?

Yes, the song "Like You" is about Amy Lee's sister who died when Amy was a child.

Does Amy Winehouse write her own music?

Yes, she did.

How many books did Amy Carmichael write?