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Watch closely ==> [ 1 - 2x ] .

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Q: How do you write Twice a number subtracted from 1 in number form?
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When the sum of 5 and twice a positive number is subtracted form the square of that number the result is zero what is the number?


When 32 is subtracted form a number the result is 317. what is that number?


How do you write the number 33871648 in number form?

33871648 is the number form

How do you make a sum of 9?

subtract any number form nine and then with that answer and the number you subtracted 9 with, those added, make the sum of nine

How do you write six thousand dollars out in number form?

You would write it out in number form like this 6,000

How do you write Thirty-five-hundredths in number form?

how do you write thirty-five-hundredths in number form

How do you write a number in exponential form?

Write abcbabc in exponential form

How do you write 176 as a mixed number in simplest form?

how do you write 17 and 6 in mixed number in simplest form

Write the number Forty-eight thosands sixteen in standard form. Then write this number in expanded form.?

48,0000, 16,000

Find a number such that When 15 is subtracted form 7 times the number the result is 10 more than twice the number?

If we call the number that we're looking for "x", then we can translate the question like this:When 15 is subtracted from 7x, the result equals 2x + 10Or:7x - 15 = 2x + 10Then it's a simple matter of simplifying the equation. Group like terms on either side of the equal operator:7x - 2x = 10 + 15Then add them together:5x = 25And factor five out of both sides:x = 5Giving you the answer.

How do you write the number 003 in number form?


How do you write 1.42 as a mixed number in simplest form?

1 and 21/50