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You may write "over" or "divided by" in place of the fraction bar.

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Q: How do you write a fraction without the slash key?
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How do you make fraction with a key board?

The forward slash is the best alternative. 5/7

How do you show a fraction?

Well, if you want to make a fraction while typing, use the slash key. For example: one half would be 1/2.

What is a back slash?

This is a back slash: \. It is usually above the enter key.

Where is the division key on the key board?

on the question mark key, it is the slash.

Where is under slash key on computer keyboard?

The back slash is located above the enter key and to the right of the bracket keys, the underscore is to the right of the 0, on the same key as the minus.The forward slash is on the same key as the question mark.

Where is the slash on roblox?

"Slash" is not limited to roblox, but is rather a universal key on your keyboard. "Slash" refers to the "/' key on your keyboard. It is found on the lower right side of the keyboard directly left of the right shift key.

How do you do a back slash on the key board?

Hit the last key at the end of the second row to the right on your keyboard before the delete key

Which key is the under slash key on a computer?

The Slash '/' also known as the Forward Slash, is found on the same key as the question mark. The key in question under the Slash key, is most likely the Context Menu key, as it is the least self evident to many users. The Context Menu key brings up the Context Menu, similar to right-clicking. However, this does not count as right-clicking.

How do you put a fraction into a TI-84 calculator?

Enter the numerator of the fraction, the press the divide key, and enter the denominator. For example to enter the fraction two fifths, type 2/5. (The slash will appear when you press the divide key.) If you want the answer to be a fraction, press MATH and then choose the first option, >Frac. You should see Ans>Frac. Press ENTER to see the previous answer as a fraction.

What slash do you have to use for roblox?

The forward slash (/) between the period (.) and right shift key on a standard keyboard.

How do you type a back-slash on a Mac?

If you're using a Mac keyboard, the back-slash key is directly below the "Delete" key on the QWERTY part of the keyboard.

Were is the back slash on the keyboard?

It is usually on the key above the Enter (or Return) key on the keyboard.

How do imake a questionmark while typing?

Hold the "shift" key while pressing the "?" (slash) key.

How do you do a backwards slash?

Since the backwards slash is the prefix of an escape character, in order to encode a backwards slash in a constant, simply use two of them. char backslash = '\\'; If you need to know where it is look under the backspace key : ) // \\

How can you write a sentences with key and quay?

Example sentences:One key skill for ship captains was to dock without hitting the quay.In narrow slips, it was key to avoid striking the quay.

How can you make a question mark?

you hold shift then you hit the the key that has a question mark then a slash

What key is starlight by slash in?

try c or try g its one of those two :)

What scale degree does the V slash VII in a minor key have its root on?

4, or subdominant.

How do you type a y with two lines?

|y| If this is what you meant, it is the top function of the key with the back slash, which is directly to the right of the key with the brackets.

Is there any way to write an A natural without having to cancel the A flat from my key signature - I'm are in Eb major?

No, you'll have to write the accidental for the A natural.

How do you make a forward slash on laptop?

The key is beside the right hand Shift key (under the ? key) The back slas i see how do i make it a forward slas?Thanks

Which is enter key of Clash N Slash?


Is there a divide key on a normal keyboard?

The Division symbol is just a slash ( / ) . Apparently, no, there's none.

Where is the forwardslash located on a French keyboard?

The forward slash ( / ) is located just above the AltGr key on a standard French AZERTY keyboard, when the keyboard is on uppercase (or when Shift is pressed down). This is the key just left of the one where you find the forward slash on a standard QWERTY keyboard.

Why does car start without ignition key?

car starts without key