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num = InputBox("Enter a number: ","PROGRAM: Square")

sumSquare = CInt(num) * CInt(num)

MsgBox("The square of " & num & " = " & sumSquare)


*NOTE*: The function CInt() is what we use to convert a text string to become a numeric integer value.

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Q: How do you write a vbscript for converting alphanumeric to numeric?
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What is the shell script program for adding five digit numbers?

It depends upon which language you intend to write your script, however 5 digit numbers are simply numeric value and any scripting language that supports basic arithmetic operators will be able to achieve this easily. The hardest part is converting the user input (which is typically a character sequence) into an actual number, however most scripting languages will provide some means of converting strings to numeric values.

Write a program in vbscript to display a multiplication table in web page?

Option explicit Dim val,indx val=inputbox("enter any number") For indx= 1 to 10 print val&"*"&indx&"="&val&"*"indx Next

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As the name suggests, a conversion function is a function that converts a value from one type to another. Many such conversions are either implicit or built-in operations, such as when converting from an int to a double. However, when converting between user-defined types, or between a user-defined type and a built-in type, we must write a function to explicitly perform the conversion for us. In object-oriented languages, we rely on conversion constructors and conversion operators to perform these conversions implicitly, but in C we must explicitly call the appropriate conversion functions.

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