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Three and eight times a number.

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Q: How do you write a verbal expression that translates the mathematical expression 8x plus 3?
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How do you write 2x in verbal expression?

That is in verbal expression. x is the verbal, if you're trying to make it x times 2 in verbal expression it is as you wrote it 2x.

How do you write a verbal expression for 9a2?

9and anumber and 2

who someone Write 17 - 5 as a verbal expression answer?


How do you write a verbal expression for 9a?

The product of nine and a

How do you write a2-18b in verbal expression?

It is "a squared minus eighteen b".

How do you write a verbal expression for x over y?

X divided by Y

Write the following in mathematical expression the sum of a number and ten?

Write the following as an algebraic expression using x as the variable: The sum of a number and -8

How do you write a verbal expression for each algebraic expression?

the + of a number and 10 k decreased by 4 = k-4

What does 'write a verbal expression' mean in math?

That probably means that you describe something in words.

How do you write x-6 in verbal expression?

Six fewer than a number, x.

How would you write the quotient of 9 and m in a mathematical expression?


How do you write 2m in a verbal expression?

Two times the quantity of m.

Write a mathematical expression for ten less than twice q?

( 2q - 10 )

What Java conditional expression correctly represents the mathematical expression 10 x 100?

There is no need for a conditional expression; just write it as 10 * 100.

How do you Write a mathematical expression for 3 less than a number to the forth power?

x4 - 3

Write a verbal phrase as an expression?

It means an expression that has a verb in it so basically almost all expressions. here's one : "Dipping your big toe in water" dipping is the verb and the whole thing is a phrase and an expression.

Take the number 4 use it only 3 times and write a mathematical expression to equal 55?


How would you write an verbal expression for 4m to the fourth power?

Four times a variable, named m, multiplied by itself four times. Technically (or pedantically) it is multiplied three times but that is one of the oddities of verbal expressions.

How do you write an expression?

How do you write an expression

What are verbal and non verbal tests?

in verbal test you answer the question by telling or speaking the answer and in a non verbal you write the answer down

How do you write a phrase for expressions such as 3 - t?

A phrase for this mathematical expression can be "subtract three from one." You can also use the phrase "three minus one." Another way to express this algebraic expression is to say "three less than."

Using exactly two 2s and any of the standard mathematical symbols write down an expression whose value is 5?

square root of 0.2^-2=5

How do you write an algebraic expression to represent a verbal expression?

add 3 to a number a number plus 3 the sum of a number and 3 3 more than a number a number increased by 3

How do you write a expression with three terms?

how do you write an expression with three terms

Write a brief note on verbal and non verbal communication?

Non-verbal communication are the ways we communicate without words.