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Q: How do you write an algorithm which takes students marks and grades them as follows Mark greater than 60 Pass?
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Where does the apostrophe go in Ten students grades?

Ten students' grades were below passing.Ten students' grades had improved.Here grades is a plural common noun and needs no apostrophe.Students is a plural common noun. Students possess grades; therefore it needs an apostrophe.Ten students' coats were still in the closet.Ten students' voices were louder than the others.

Does tardiness make students get low grades?

Tardiness does not necessarily make students get low grades, but it certainly does not help their grades, especially if they are tardy repeatedly.

Why was Jupiter grades made?

Jupiter grades was made for teachers to calculate students grades.

Which are the commonly used grades of concrete?

The commonly used grades of concrete are as follows,M10M15M20M25M30M35M40

What are the average grades of students in UCLA?


Which software application can best help teachers determine their students' average grades?

A spreadsheet can help teachers determine students' average grades.

Do students grades drop if they participate in sports?

yes my grades dropped from A's to C's

Do students grades drop if their not in sports?

Not really....but if you decide to play a sport your grades get better

Do school uniforms not help students grades?

School uniforms do help students grades only if you wear it and if you don't you'll get detention which will lower your grade and will go in your files

Why should students with failing grades stopped from playing sports?

To "help" them concentrate on their studies and get better grades

What is wrong with schools today?

students are misbehaving in class, and some students dont care about their grades.

Should students with higher grades pay less school fees?

Why not.... Students with higher grades have learn t and studied very hard for this opportunity, so give them the chance.