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Q: How do you write code for 1 to 500 Armstrong number in socket programming?
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Write a java program to check a number is Armstrong number?

import*; public class Jerry { public static void main(String as[]) throws IOException { int k=Integer.parseInt(as[0]); int n=k; int d=0,s=0; while(n>0) { d=n%10; s=s+(d*d*d); n=n/10; } if(k==s) System.out.println("Armstrong number"); else System.out.println("not Armstrong number"); } }

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How do you write a Java program to see whether a number is Armstrong or not... using Buffered Reader and stuff ....?

import*; class Armstrong { public static void main()throws IOException { BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.println("Enter a number"); int a=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine()); int n1=a,rev=0,d=0; while(a!=0) { d=a%10; rev=rev+d*d*d; a=a/10; } if(rev==n1) System.out.println("It is a armstrong number "); else System.out.println("It is not a armstrong number "); } }

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