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To put a decimal in percent form you have to move the decimal over to the left twice putting zero's in the place of and then put a % at the end this is the best way i can answer the question

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Q: How do you write each decimal as a percent 0.6?
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What is the decimal of 6 percent?


How do you write 06 as a percent?

.06 = 6%-

What is 6 percent written as a decimal?


How do you write 0.0006 as a percent?


How do you write 6 cents in decimal forms?


How do you write six one hundredths as a decimal?


What is 6 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

.06 and 6/100

How do you write six tenths as a percent?

It is 60%

What percent of 28 is 06?

It is: (06/28) times 100 = 21.43% rounded to two decimal places

How covert 6 percent to a decimal?

100% is equal to 1 so 6% is .06

What is 1 fourth of six percent?

no that's just 6 divided by 4 plus you cant divide a percent by a fraction unless you convert both into a decimal. the answer should be .24 because if you convert 1/4 into a decimal its .25 and 6% into a decimal is .06. When you divide .06 (the original 6%) by .25 (the original 1/4 fraction) you get the answer of .24

What is 0.06 as a percentages?

If as a decimal it is 0.06 thats 06 percent of 1 meaning out of 100 it 6! hope it helped :) Bye

What is six hundredths as a decimal?

.06 is the answer

What is 6 percent of 4900?

For percent all you have to do is move the decimal place over two places on the percentage, so in this case 6 become .06. Then simply multiply the other value by the new value, so .06 * 4900 = 294.294

What is a better percent between 06 or 07?

If you are receiving 07 percent is better than 06 If you are giving 06 percent is better than 07

What is the decimal for 6 hundredths?


What is 06 percent of 600000?

06% of 600,000 is 36,000.

Is 08 percent less than 06 percent?




Six hundredths written as a decimal?


What is 6 in a decimal part of 100?


How do you write .06 in words?

.06 = six hundredths

What is 3 over 50 in a decimal?

3 over 50 in decimal form is .06.

What is 06 percent of 176.99?


What is 06 as a percent?

If out of 100, then it is 0.06