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Eight hundred sixty-four thousandths of a meter in standard form is 0.864 meters or 0.864m

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Q: How do you write eight hundred sixty four thousandths of a meter in standard form?
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In word form 0.008 meters?

eight thousandths meters or eight thousandths of a meter.

How do you write .0008 meters in word form?

eight ten thousandths of a meter

Are centimeters the same as millimeters?

Centi- is the prefix for hundredth and milli- is the prefix for thousandths. A centimeter is one hundredth of a meter. A millimeter is one thousandths of a meter. There are ten millimeters in one centimeter and there are one hundred centimeters in a meter.

How do you write 14.3125 square meter in words?

fourteen and three thousand one hundred twenty-five ten thousandths square meters

What is 2mm equivalent to in thousandths?

2 mm is 2 thousandths of a meter.

How many Gold Medals did U.S swimmer Mark Spitz win in the 1972 Munich Olympics?

Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals and is possibly the best swimmer there ever was. He won the one-hundred and two-hundred meter butterflies, the one-hundred, two-hundred, four-hundred, and eight-hundred meter free-syle, and the four-hundred meter medley relay.

Is a hundred-yard race or a hundred-meter race larger?

A hundred-meter race

How many calories does a 100 meter sprinter need?

three million, seven hundred and ninety nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty nine

How many laps on the track in 3200 meter race?

Depends on the track. If it is a standard 400 meter track, it will be eight laps. If it is indoors it will be about thirteen.

Is 100 mm larger or smaller than 1 meter?

Smaller. A millimeter is a THOUSANDTH of a meter, so one hundred thousandths are one tenth.100 mm = 0.1 m = 10cm

If ten athletes are running in the 100 meter dash how many many ways can the gold silver and bronze medals be awarded?

3,628,800 - three million, six hundred twenty-eight thousand, eight hundred

How do you write 544.78 square meter in words?

Five hundred forty-four and seventy-eight hundredths square meters.

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