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-10 * (2-11) or -10(2-11)

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Q: How do you write math expressions like this negative ten times the quantity two minus eleven how would I write that in numbers?
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what is the sum of negative eleven and a number?

i need to know the numbers

Is eleven an integer?

Yes, all whole numbers, negative and positive are integers.

How do you write math expressions like this eleven and eleven ten thousandths?


What is a smaller negative?

When comparing negative numbers or a negative number and a positive number, the word "smaller" is confusing because it is unclear whether you mean that the number is less than another number or that the absolute value of the number is less than the absolute value of another number. You should use the phrase "less than" instead. A number's absolute value is how far it is from zero; for negative numbers think of it as the number without the negative sign. Negative eleven is less than negative three because negative eleven is farther left on the number line, but the absolute value of negative three, which is shown as |-3|, is less than the absolute value of negative eleven because negative three is closer to zero.

What is negative eleven plus twenty?

Negative eleven plus twenty is positive 9.

What is negative eleven to the fifth power over negative eleven to the second power?


What two numbers multiply to negative sixty but also add to negative eleven?

(-15) x 4 = -60 -15 + 4 = -11 ~Jason

What is negative 10 plus negative 1?

negative eleven

How do you write Eleven thousand and eleven in numbers?

11,011 is how you write eleven thousand eleven

What is negative eleven minus negative five?


Does negative eight plus negative three equal negative eleven?

Yes, it does.

Is negative nine greater than or less than negative eleven?

Negative nine is greater than negative eleven. Why? If you had nothing and were in debt for eleven dollars and your mother also had nothing but debt and her debt was nine dollars, who would be richer? Answer: your mother. You see, when she gets some money, she only needs to pay back nine, but you need to pay eleven. Suppose you both received fifteen dollars each. After you have both paid your debts, she is left with six dollars and you only have four. So, it seems that negative numbers ARE real ..... it's called debt. The common confusion in matters like this comes from the fact that an eleven dollar debt is greater than a nine dollar debt, because it is farther from zero. This makes sense to us as it is the usual way of thinking about it. However, in the math class, we think of the number line and when a number is farther to the right it is greater than all the numbers to the left of it.

What is negative twenty nine plus eleven?

negative eighteen

How do you write eleven million in numbers?

eleven million is 11000000.

How do you write numbers in the eleven thousand eleven hundred eleven?

They are: 11,000+1,100+11 = 12,111

What is negative eleven plus negative seven?

-11 + (-7) = -18

What does negative seven minus negative eleven equal?

positive four

What is A times negative eleven?

It is -11A.

What is negative three minus negative eleven?

-3 minus -11 is 8.

Is negative seven greater than or less than negative eleven?

Less than negative 11

What is five minus eleven?

Five minus eleven is negative six, or 5-11=-6.

Which is bigger minus 1 or minus 11?

Minus one (also known as negative one) is larger than minus eleven (also known as negative eleven).

What is negative eight times eleven?


What is negative eleven plus negative twenty four?

The sum of -11 and -24 is -35.

What two numbers added together equal negative ten and multiplied together equal negative eleven?

x=-11 y=1 or x=1 y=-11