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Q: How do you write one hundred and sixty six thousand and three hundred and forty nine pounds and forty five pence?
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Can you write a cheque one thousand three hundred and forty pence?

Yes. Although that may cause confusion about whether the intended amount was 1340 pence, for example 13 pounds and 40 pence, or 1300 pounds (missed out) and 40 pence.

What is 5 pence multiplied by 1 million 100 thousand?

5 million 500 thousand pence, or 55 thousand pounds.5 million 500 thousand pence, or 55 thousand pounds.5 million 500 thousand pence, or 55 thousand pounds.5 million 500 thousand pence, or 55 thousand pounds.

How is 1818.67 Pounds written in words?

One thousand eight hundred eighteen pounds and sixty-seven pence.

How many one pence in a hundred pounds?

There are 100 Pence in a British Pound, therefore there are 10,000 pence in One Hundred Pounds.

How can you write GBP4621.80 in words?

four thousand, six hundred and twenty one pounds and eighty pence

What is 5000 pence in pounds?

what is five thousand in pence

What is ten thousand pence in pounds?


What fraction of two pounds is forty pence?


How many pounds is 1000000 pence?

1 pound = 100 pence 1,000,000 pence / 100 = 10,000 pounds Answer: ten thousand pounds

How do you write three hundred and sixty three pounds and thirty pence in words?

Three Hundred and Sixty-Three Pounds and thirty pence.

How many 5 pence coins are in 2 pounds?

Two Pounds consists of 200 Pence, therefore forty 5 Pence coins make up Two Pounds.

How do you write numerically eight hundred and eight thousand and eighty pence?

8,880 pence.

How many ten pence pieces are there in two pounds and forty pence?

There would be 24 Ten Pence coins in £2.40.

How do you write numerically eight hundred and eight thousand eight hundred and eighty pence?

It could mean: 808,880 pence

What is 875.48 in word form?

Eight-hundred and seventy-five and forty-eight hundredths. Alternatively: eight-hundred and seventy-five point four eight. Or, in currency (e.g., Sterling): eight-hundred and seventy-five pounds and forty-eight pence.

How much is one million pence?

Ten Thousand Pounds

How many pounds in 1 million pence?

There are 100 Pence in a Pound. 1,000,000 pence divided by 100 pence = 10,000 Pounds

How many pence in one thousand eight hundred pounds?

there are 100 p in £1.00 so 100 x 1,800 = 18,0000p! i think... :D

What is one hundred pence?

One hundred pence.

What is a sentence with the word pence in it?

Pence is a unit included in the British currency.That comes to a total of four thousand, six hundred and twenty-one pounds and twelve pence, please.She only paid twenty pence for the bookmark.

What is one hundred pence in today's currency?

One hundred pence in today's currency is one hundred pence!

How many pence does 82.20 equals to?

£82.20 is 8,220 penceeight thousand two hundred and twenty

What is the average price for digital cameras?

£41.87, forty one pounds and eighty seven pence, STERLING

When a yogurt costs forty-five pence how many yogurts can be bought for five pounds?

You can buy 11.

How do you write 17097.83 pounds in words?

Seventeen thousand, and ninety-seven point eight three pounds if it is pounds weight. Seventeen thousand, and ninety-seven pounds eighty-three pence if it is UK pounds money.