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one over six to the fourth

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Q: How do you write six to the negative fourth power as a positive exponent?
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Is 10 to the negative 4th power a positive number?

Yes. Any positive number to an exponent is positive.

What is 3m to the negative forth power?

It is the same as 1/34 . We move an exponent to the denominator and we change the exponent from positive to negative. Now 34 is 81 so the answer is 1/81 meters.If the exponent in the denominator is negative, we can move it up to the numerator and change it to a positive.

What is x to the negative 7th power?

When we have x to a negative exponent we can move the x to the denominator and make the exponent positive. So x-7 is the same as 1/x7

What is negative one multiplied by the fourth power?

positive 1

Is a exponent a number with a plus or - sign?

You fail SO badly. If we have x^4, the 4 is the exponent- the power to which a number is raised. It can be positive or negative.

What are negative intergery exponents?

I assume you mean "negative integer exponents".It means that: * It is an exponent * It is an integer (whole number) * It is negative (less than zero, i.e., with a minus sign) A negative exponent is defined as the reciprocal of the positive exponent. For example, 10 to the power -5 is the same as 1 / (10 to the power 5).

How do you change negative exponets to positive exponents?

A negative exponent of a number is the same as the reciprocal of that same number to the equivalent positive exponent.EXAMPLE : 2-3 = 1/23When multiplying powers of the same base the rule is, addthe exponents.So, if the initial exponent is negative then the number has to be multiplied by a power of that number with an equivalent positive exponent greater than the negative exponent.EXAMPLE : 2-3 x 25 = 2(-3+5) = 22 (As 5 > l3l then the resultant exponent is positive)

Why is a negative exponent minus a positive exponent a negative exponent?

when you're doing a problem like that use this trick. let's say you have 3 to the -7 power minus 3 to the 4 power. -7 - 4 can also be shown as -7 + -4. i switched the minus sign to a plus sign and because i did that, i had to switch the positive 4 to a negative 4. so i got 3 to the -7 power plus 3 to the -4 power.

What is 13 to the exponent -6?


Is 0.00036 the same as 3.6 times ten to the fourth power?

No, 0.00036 is equivalent to 3.6 times ten to the negative fourth power.

What thus the negative exponent denote?

For example, 10 to the power -5 means the same as 1 divided by (10 to the power 5). In general, you can interpret negative exponents this way, with reciprocals.

What does negative 3 to the fourth power equal?

(-3)4 = 81 (positive).