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Q: How do you write the decimal in stAndard forms ten and twenty-four hundredths?
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Which shows the correct word and expanded forms for the decimal 0.76?

0.76 = seventy-six hundredths or (0 x 1) + (7/10) + (6/100)

How do you write fifteen hundredth of a second write the decimal in standard and expanded forms?

Standard form: 1.5*10-1 seconds, expanded form: (0.1 + 0.05) seconds.

How do you write nine and two hundredths in standard form?

9.02 Other forms are fractional 9 2/100 (9 1/50 ) or exponential 9.02 x 100

Write 2.06 in word forms?

Two and six hundredths.

How do you write 14.06 in words forms?

fourteen and six hundredths

How do you write ten and thirty eight hundredths in two other forms?

Standard form - The form to right it as a number. 10.38 Expanded form - The form to expand (stretch) a number. 10 + .3 + .08 Written form - The form to write out a number. Ten and thirty eight hundredths.

Is 600 standard form?

In USA when considering standard and expanded forms, Yes Otherwise: Standard form (also known as "standard index form" or "scientific notation") requires a single non-zero digit before the decimal point and a multiplier of a power of 10 which gets the decimal point back to where it was in the original number. To calculated the power of the ten count how many digits the decimal point needs to move; if it needs to move to the left make it negative. As it does not have a multiplier of a power of 10, No. 600 = 6 × 10² in standard form.

How do write 15.65 in decimal forms?

15.65 is in decimal form.

How do you write ten and thirty-eight hundredths in two other forms?

no answer

How do you write 3 cents in decimal forms?

3 cents in decimal

What is 6.75 as a decimal?

6.75 is a number in decimal form. However, you can convert it into two other equivalent decimal forms. One is 6.7500... with as many 0s as you like. Although equivalent as a number, the greater the number of 0s, the greater the implied precision of the number. For example, 6.75 is accurate to the nearest hundredths but 6.750 to the nearest thousandths and so on.Another equivalent form is 6.7499... recurring, where the 9s continue for ever.

What is eleven eighths in decimal forms?

It is 1.375