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Q: How do you write the expression 35 divided by r?
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Related questions

What are two phrases you can write for the expression 35 divided by r?

35/r 35 ÷ r

What is the algebraic expression of 35 multiplied by the quantity r less 45?


What is the algebraic expression for r divided by 15?

It is: r/15

How do i write a number r decreased by the quotient of a number r and two in an expression?


Can you write I equals v divided by r?

I = v/r

What is a Variable expression for 5 divided by r?

r (division sign) 5

What is 433 divided by 35?


How do you write 1 minus the quotient of r and 7 in algebraic expression?

It is 1 - r/7

What is 35 divided 2?


What is 215 divided by 90?


How do you write 21 r 5?

21 5/x (Write as this, but fill in what you divided with where X is.)

How do you Write An Expression For 246 Times R.?

This is usually written as 246R (without an additional multiplication sign, which is implied in this case).

Rx-st r which expression represents x?

x = (r + st)/r is the expression that represents x in the equation rx - st = r.

Write mathematical form of ohms law?

The mathematical form of Ohms law is I=V divided by R. I is current, V is voltage while R is the resistance.

There are 140 people in a singing competition. The graph shows the results for the first five rounds. Write an expression for the number of people after x x rounds?

I see no graph.

Write an expression witch solves for the radius of an object having a circumference of 30 feet?

If C is the circumference, then R = C/Pi 2

How do you calculated the current shunt?

Write down the Ohm's law expression of "V = I * R" where "V" is the voltage drop across shunt resistor, "I" is the current flowing through shunt and "R" is the shunt resistance.Substitute value of voltage "V" and current "I" in the Ohm's law expression. For example, if voltage across shunt is 10 volts and current flowing through it is 1 ampere, then the expression is 10 = 100 * R.Divide the expression throughout by 100 to calculate the "R" value. Using a calculator, find the value of "R." From the example, the value of "R" will be 0.1 ohm, which is the value of shunt resistor.

What r the factors of 35?

1,5,7 and 35

R plus s equals 39 what is r and what is s?

r and s can be any values such that r + s = 39. The answer is indeterminate since there are many solutions for that expression. If the new expression is included, then there must be some r and s for the problem.

What is r divided by r?


in the expression tau=r*f. is r equal to the moment arm explain?


What is triple r in algebraic expression?

It is simply 3r

What is 342 plus f plus r?

It is the expression: 342 + f + r

Write missing expression in the program below which would print the area of circle r int input Enter the circle radius?

Area of any circle = pi*radius squared

How do you factor the expression 11pqr?