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Q: How do you write the number rs 1 crore 50 lakh?
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Related questions

How do you write 50 lakh crore in words?

It is fifty lakh crore.

How do you write the number rs 2 crore 50 lakh?

In the Indian number system, a lakh is equal to 100,000 and a crore is equal to 10,000,000. Rs is an abbreviation for the rupee, the currency of India, Pakistan, and Hyrule. Therefore rs 2 crore 50 lakh is equal to 25,000,000 rupees, which is currently equal to 557,098.33 American dollars.

Number of people in India?

50-80 crore 50-80 crore

How do you write 50 crore in numarically?

How you can write 7 crore 50 lacs 35 thousand 2 hundred in two space decimal?

You cannot. You need a minimum of 8 digits to write the number.

How do you write 1 crore 50 lack in million?

15 million

How do you write 1 Crore 6 lakhs 50 thousand in figures?

It is 1,06,50,000

1million us dollar is equal t0 how many Indian rupees?

1 million US dollar is 10 lakh US dollars. 1 dollar averages around 45-50.. If i assume it's 45 rupees per dollar then it's woth 4 crore 50 lakh rupees

How much more than 5 crore is 5.05 crore?

5 crore is 50 000 000 5.05 crore is 50 500 000 so 5.05 crore is 500 000 more than 5 crore

How do you write 1 lakh and 50 thousand in figure?

100000 + 50000 = 150000

How do you write ten lakh fifty thousand in numbers?

100000 = 1 lakh 1000000 = 10 lakhs 1050000 = 10 lakhs 50 thousand

How do you Estimate 50 crore to the nearest thousand?

The number is already rounded to a greater extent than that so there is no need to estimate - nor is there any point in doing so. It is 50 crore.

500 million is equal to how many crore?

500 million is equal to 50 crore

How many crore in 500million?


How many zeros are there in 50 lakhs?

One lakh is equal to 100,000 rupees. Therefore, 50 lakh is equal to 50 x 100000 = 5000000 rupees, or 5 followed by 6 zeroes.

How many lakh makes two thousand dollars?

1/50 lakh dollars = 2,000 dollars.

Convert 1 crore rupee to Malaysian ringgit?

Rs10,000 crore to ringgit

Write the number that is 50 less than 185?

The number that is 50 less than the number 185 is 135.

How much is 50 lakhs in us dollars?

Just one US dollar is equivalent to approximately 62 Indian rupees, and conversely 1 rupee is equivalent to $0.02. Indians use the word Lakh to denote 1,000,000. If we multiply this number by 50 (given in your question), we will get 50,000,000 rupees. If we multiply this by the US dollar conversion (0.02), we will get our answer: $1,000,000. Hi Jenny, Your answer is definitively wrong. 1 lakh is 1.00.000 and not 1.000.000. So 50 lakhs are 5 Mio. Rupees and hence 100.000USD. I mean the use of lakh is so complicated to us because it is not as easy as you explaine it :)

How do you write 50 percent as a decimal?

To write a percent as a decimal, divide the number by 100. So, divide 50 by 100. The answer is .50.

How much million in 1314 crore?

50 million

What is lakh times 700 added to 7 lakh times 50?

1050 lakhs or 10.5 crores.

How many zeros are there in fifty crore?

1 crore equals 10 million (10,000,000 seven noughts).Therefore, 10,000,000 × 50 = 500,000,000 which is 8 noughts.In the Indian numbering system, a crore is written as 1,00,00,000. Though written different to the west, a crore still has the same number of noughts.

How do you write 50 as a fraction mixed number or whole number in simplest form?

50 is an integer so its simplest form is 50.

How do you write 50 cents?

There are two ways that you can write 50 cents. One way is fifty cents. The other way is the number 50 with the cents sign behind it.